Thursday, February 11, 2016

My, my, where has the time gone? It was about 11 months ago that then-incoming Gov. Tom Wolf delivered his first budget address.

That budget was to have been passed by June 30, 2015. Well, here we are more than eight months later, and we still don’t have a complete budget in place.

Wolf this week delivered his second budget address – this one for 2016-17. New budget, yes, but the same old rhetoric and name-calling.

Letters To The Editor


Wiping away “crocodile tears” while speaking about children killed in mass shootings, President Obama announced an executive order for more gun control.

What most Americans don’t know is at the time of his press conference, the president was petitioning the Supreme Court to reject a new law that would further restrict abortions in Texas; no press conference and tears for these “millions” of innocent murdered victims, right, Mr. President?