Sunday, April 26, 2015

With Social Security and health care benefits commanding so much of the federal budget, the phrase "entitlement spending" will be a prime issue heading into next year's presidential election.

Many see our emergency service protections police, fire/rescue and ambulance as a "self-evident" entitlement for all Americans under our Constitution.

This week, however, a lawyer representing Luzerne County in a wrongful death lawsuit filed over a 911 dispatching error, disputed that belief.

Letters To The Editor

Dear editor,

My wife and I grew up in this area, graduated from high school in Lehighton and had our four children have successful educations and careers as a result of their education.

As a teacher, counselor, coach and administrator I served the district for 33 years from 1956-1988, and have remained close to the district for the 26 years that I have been retired.

This district and community are dear to me and I serve the community in many ways, in church, veterans organizations, as a hospital volunteer, and other organizations as well.