Sunday, July 23, 2017


I read with great interest Mr. Frassinelli’s Times News July 13 editorial “Tradition vs. Reality.” Although Mr. Frassinelli made some valid points, I feel it is necessary to shed some light on the real reasons and effects upon the Panther Valley communities of the 2016 merger.

The appeal group is more concerned about the spiritual health of the Catholic faithful rather than the upholding of ethnic traditions as Mr. Frassinelli believes.

Letters To The Editor

This is in reply to the article “Jim Thorpe revisits parking ban ordinance,” dated May 12, 2017.

My neighbor posted a no parking sign in front of her house and then ordered me not to park there.

For 50 years, there was no problem, as we were parked on the roadside right of way.

My neighbor stated that I was on her property. I reminded her that she had her property surveyed and I wasn’t on her property. It should have ended there. Yet she continues to claim that I am on her property.