Sunday, November 23, 2014

If there was a Hall of Fame for the mentally challenged, we have some worthy candidates.

Two cases that emerged involve a total lack of individual responsibility regarding highway safety. A third has to do with our inept government leaders.

In the first case, a teenager was arrested after driving himself to his driver's test in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Driving without a license was just the start of troubles for the 19-year-old. In trying to elude police by speeding away, he struck a patrol car outside the state testing facility.

Letters To The Editor

Election Day resulted in a tidal wave of voters nationally who overwhelmingly rejected radical left liberal ideology and its disastrous policies.

A diverse cross-section of voters, young, old, black, white, Latino, Democrat, Republican, independent, middle class, rich and poor voted against the tax and spend, big government, oppressive Obama agenda.

They tossed out politicians who endorsed open borders, wasteful spending, higher taxes, health care destruction, sky-high premiums, eroding constitutional rights, a $17 trillion debt, destruction of jobs, business etc.