Monday, August 31, 2015

Free speech under attack in Slatington

It is disturbing to see the recent changes made by Slatington Borough Council in its attempt to severely limit public input and conceal what is happening at meetings.

First, council stopped the decades-old practice of taping meetings. Although this is not illegal, it is clearly an attempt to hide what is actually being said at meetings. Council did not like the fact that several residents received a copy of the meeting tape each month through Right to Know requests.

Letters To The Editor

Dear Editory,

While I usually try to avoid reading Ann Coulter's column, the headline "A Culture of Child Rape" caught my eye.

Coulter asserts "There's a cultural acceptance of child rape in Latino culture that doesn't exist in even the most dysfunctional American ghettos."

I find this statement to be racist and misinformed.