Thursday, October 2, 2014

Women in the United Arab Emirates have seen remarkable advances, thanks to a constitution, which guarantees equality between men and women in areas of legal status and access to education.

Before 1960 there were few opportunities for women outside the realm of home and family but since the discovery of oil in the 1950s, their role has gradually expanded. A report from the United Nations Development Programme ranked the UAE 29th among 177 countries in the Gender Empowerment Measures, the best rating in the Arab world.

Letters To The Editor

I challenge Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, teachers, parents and the future of this state (the students).

We declared our INDEPENDENCE in Philadelphia.

The Liberty Bell is in Philadelphia. The USS Independence CVA 62, whose logo is the Liberty Bell.

This ship belongs in Philadelphia as a museum.

My challenge goes to everyone to write your congressmen, state representatives and the governor at the:

Office of the Governor

Commonwealth of


Harrisburg, PA 17120

Robert (Ski) Siesputowski

Summit Hill