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remember armed services

To everyone – be it the governor, commissioners, mayors, councils and all veteran organizations.

June 6 was D-Day and a lot of people don’t know about, or what it is.

They don’t know about Normandy or that there are over a thousand Americans buried in cemeteries there. Or that it France and they take care of it.

They don’t even know we went there to protect the U.S.A. and keep a free government. That we have people in other countries. That we have all five branches of the service buried around the world to thank for what we have.

Planes shot out of the sky over land and sea; ships and sailor buried at sea with Marines Army’s shot up and men and women buried there. These will never come home and their family and friends will never really know.

Pennsylvania is where this country started. Every county in PA should have June 6 celebrated in a different football field each year. We should do this to honor them who will never come home, like they do it now. All five branches.

Carbon County can fill a stadium every year with Veteran Organizations-Flags-Speakers and honoring those who are buried in other countries. People should remember those who fought for peace and freedom for this world.

Honor those who won’t be back. We need your help.

I Remain

Robert (Ski) Siesputowski