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Suspect shot after police pursuit involving bank checks

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    The scene in Franklin Township where a suspect was wounded by an officer after a 17-mile chase. COPYRIGHT LARRY NEFF/SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS

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    The driver of a white Chrysler minivan led police on a chase from Beaver Meadows to Franklin Township Tuesday evening. COPYRIGHT LARRY NEFF SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS

Published December 18. 2018 05:38PM

Pennsylvania State Police at the Hazleton barracks are investigating an officer-involved shooting Tuesday night after a countywide chase that ended in Franklin Township.

The incident, which centered around stolen blank bank checks, began in Beaver Meadows shortly after 5 p.m.

The driver of a white van led police on a high-speed chase, reportedly as high as 100 mph as they drove south on Route 93 then north on Route 209 through Jim Thorpe and Lehighton.

The incident traversed 17 miles and lasted about 15 minutes as the driver passed through Nesquehoning, Jim Thorpe, Lehighton and Weissport before the vehicle became disabled just outside of Weissport on Interchange Road near Court Street in Franklin Township.

According to state police at Lehighton, a single gunshot was fired when the vehicle was stopped in Franklin Township and an occupant of the van was struck.

A helicopter landed at Phifer’s ice dam park to transport the victim, whose condition is unknown.

Route 209 was closed in both directions at Route 248 during the investigation.

Officers described details of the chase on police radio as dispatchers called out additional units from the southern part of the county.

The driver drove several vehicles off the road and passed many more by crossing the double yellow line.

The chase proceeded through Jim Thorpe and Lehighton. An officer deployed spike strips near the Dunkin’ Donuts in Lehighton.

The vehicle continued with three flat tires onto Interchange Road.

EMS units were dispatched to Interchange Road and Bank Street in Lehighton for injuries.

After the pursuit, police discovered 11 blank bank checks discarded along Route 93. The checks were reported stolen to the Mayfield Police Department on Dec. 16.

Four people from Florida who were involved in the chase were arraigned at District Justice Joseph Homanko’s office this morning on charges of receiving stolen property. Charged were: Creshaun Demetrick Caldwell, Mitchell Lawrence Knight, Cedric Lamont Cason and Tyrone Wesley Parker Jr. Bail was set at between $50,000 and $100,000 for the suspects. Homanko ordered them to wear an ankle monitor.

State police said an updated press release would be issued later today.

Glad to see nobody was killed in an idiotic police chase like Carola Sauers was in Nesquehoning. I hope endangering the lives of drivers and pedestrians was worth all this.
Yes, because we should just let all criminals go free if they run or break the law. That would make more sense...
Who said they were criminals? The article does not state why they were pulled over. They could have been a van full of brown people and feared for their safety. Cops like to shoot people of color and take whiteys money.
Deviant Republican lawlessness from the White House to the what was a paradise under Keith McCall! Thank you, Deviant Republicans, America is Great Again?
You're talking about the lawlessness in the execution and administration of criminal justice I assume. I'm a Republican and don't see how Trump (who could have been the best President ever) had anything to do with this. I also think Doyle Heffley is a giant turd and he didn't get my vote. And to be honest this area has become a shithole since after Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and the garment industry went away. There are no jobs here. Everyone sits on their asses sponging off the government and getting high. Then they overdose and we bring them back because you think they have a disease. This place could be a utopia with the right leaders. Too bad people are scum and this is what we're dealing with.
I would love to know the details they aren't posting. This must have been a van full of illegals.
A police chase in Carbon County ended in a death again anyway. Good job guys you should be proud of yourselves! Can't wait until the officers name is released.
A criminal died as a result of committing numerous crimes. Why are you condemning the police when you have absolutely no idea what actually went on. I’ve heard 5 different stories.
You are wrong gareedy21. In the USA you are innocent until proven guilty. Therefore an innocent black man was shot by police in Carbon County. The police played judge, jury and executioner and they should pay the price for depriving this man of his civil rights.
Again. You sound ridiculous! You have no clue to any of the details. You don’t know if there was a struggle, I mean it sure does sound like it from why I read. To me it sounds like a cop protecting himself from bodily harm! Grow up.
We only know what the police want us to. They will spoon-feed you bits and pieces to make it sound like this dead person was so bad. We don't even know the name of the officer! Where is the transparency? That cop down by Dorney that shot a guy had his name plastered all over the media. But not up here. There is no accountability and the whole system is corrupt.
If they were so innocent, then why flee the scene in the first place. Your argument makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Why are you so defiantly defending these obvious criminals? Doesn't matter if they were black or white, they obviously were up to no good if they fled. Sad that someone got shot, but thats what happens when you don't listen to the police. This all could've been avoided if they initially stayed put at the traffic stop.
Please, Everyone share this with your loved ones. It might save their lives.

YouTube search "how not to get your asskicked by the Police"

All of this could have been avoided.

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