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Letter to the editor: The difference in four years

Dear Editor,

Some people write in and say how great everything is in this country.

Well, gas was $2.19 a gallon, heating oil was $1.46 a gallon, Doritos weren’t $6.29 a bag, my favorite cereal that was 2 for $5 is now 2 for $9, on sale.

The world was much more peaceful back then. Men weren’t destroying women’s sports. Millions of illegals weren’t pouring over the border straining the finances and services of our major cities and small towns. Crime wasn’t so rampant. Dead beat judges weren’t letting criminals back out on the street minutes after being arrested, not to mention the countless protests on our college campuses.

Housing and mortgage rates weren’t through the roof. Half-doubles in my little town going for $150,000 when 4 years ago you couldn’t get $69,000 for it. Every business wasn’t diversity, equity, and inclusion. White people weren’t constantly being bashed because through no control of their own they were born white.

Political offices were assigned by your character and what you know, not what color you are, what gender you happen to be that day, what far out beliefs you think are great because you deserve it even if it flies directly into the bucket of defying common sense. America wasn’t constantly assaulted as the worse nation on the face of the earth, by it’s own politicians and being hated for what it is.

It wasn’t that bad when the other guy was in office.

The taxes in my county have gone up, the taxes in my borough have doubled in two years, the school tax has gone up and is expected to go even higher.

It costs more to do things now, then it did when the other guy was in office.

This is why it feels so lousy and why some writers to your paper keep saying things are great when they’re not.

I think a lot of people are waking up and found out you can see the forest not because the trees are in the way, but because they were looking in the wrong direction.

David C. Budda

Beaver Meadows

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