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Letter to the editor: The evidence for the insurrection

A True Insurrection is the act of revolting violently against civil or political or government authority. Check the videos of Jan. 6 and you will find this to be true.

1) The weapons involved in the Jan 6th insurrection included bear spray, fire extinguisher, baseball bats, knives and several people had firearms.

2) There were at least 7 people killed in connection to the Jan. 6th attack including 5 police officers. Check the “bipartisan Senate Report” for the facts. I’m sure the families of those killed don’t think it was a “Faux Insurrection.”

3) There is no evidence that were 200 FBI agents there unless you except the word of Putin’s friend Tucker Carlson and Clay Higgins and the Proud Boys.

4) Christopher Miller, acting Defense Secretary on Jan. 6, 2021, told the House committee investigating the attack that Trump never gave an order to have 10,000 troops ready that day.

5) The police did not open the doors for the rioters. They broke the doors down with battering rams during their walk in the park. We all should review the footage from that day.

6. I would believe Cassidy Hutchison’s statement concerning Trump attacking his driver on Jan. 6th. I don’t think she has a history of telling 30,000 lies over 4 years.

7. All of the sentences were more than fair when you consider the charges against these people. You might consider that Trump wanted the protesters shot when they protested against George Floyd’s death according to Mark Esper, the former Pentagon Chief.

There will be no standard if Trump is elected, it will just be a revenge tour. But this country should not be about revenge but justice for all people.

Patricia Hawk

Franklin Twp. Lehighton