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NL School Board Personnel

Northern Lehigh School Board approved the following personnel matters on Monday:

• Rebecca Herring, from custodian second shift, to custodian day shift, at no change in salary, effective Oct. 27.

• Timothy McKay, from high school custodian second shift (Tuesday-Saturday), to high school custodian second shift (Monday-Friday), at no change in salary, effective Oct. 27.

• Heather Rehrig, high school office paraprofessional 180 days, $14.29 an hour, effective Jan. 3.

• Jennifer Vasquez, Peter’s Elementary cafeteria monitor, $14.29 an hour, effective Nov. 29.

• Michael Williams, maintenance second shift, $19.03 an hour, effective Dec. 19.

• Richard Fritz, high school hallway/cafeteria paraprofessional, $14.29 an hour, effective Dec. 8.

• Department leaders for the 2022-2023 school year: Blasia Dunham, assessment and data, districtwide, $1,800 (prorated - $1,350); and Elissa Fry, mathematics/science, elementary, $1,800.

• After-school program positions, funded through Title III for adult evening ESL classes: Megan Farkas, teacher, hourly rate, Lisa Fisher, substitute, and Megan Rex, teacher, hourly rate.

- Terry Ahner