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Northern Lehigh approves district goals

A list of objectives have received the stamp of approval in the Northern Lehigh School District.

The school board on Monday approved the list of the district goals for the 2020-21 school year.

Before the vote, Superintendent Matthew J. Link apprised the board of the proposed goals for the current school year, “knowing that a good bit of the work that we were doing last year was interrupted due to the mandated school shutdowns.”

“And also additionally in the achievement and growth areas, a number of the state assessments were postponed, delayed, and we’re trying to reengage (the students) in that work this school year,” Link said. “In March, much of the work that we were able to do on last year’s annual goals was cut short, so you’ll see that this year’s annual goals in some ways are a continuation or an extension of the work that we were doing last year.”

Link said the goals pertain to Achievement and Growth; Professional Development; Culture & Climate; Instructional Technology; and District Operations.

Groups recognized

Also as part of his report, Link thanked the Elementary PTO for a painting at Peters and picnic tables.

Link thanked them for the painting at Peters and the blacktop, the macadam of the playground area.

“They painted what you would call a flat obstacle course out there for the children to engage in,” he said.

Additionally, Link said they donated a picnic table for staff to be able to go outside and enjoy lunch while socially distancing.

“So, we appreciate their support as always, and their generosity,” he said.

Lastly, Link recognized the Northern Lehigh Team Sales donation of 68 gaiters to student athletes in the district at a value of $435.

“We always appreciate their support as well, especially in times like these,” he said.