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McAdoo stop leads to DUI charge

A vehicle stop for violating the state’s stay at home order led to the arrest of the driver on charges.

McAdoo police said on April 4 about 12:46 a.m. a vehicle stop was conducted in response to Gov. Tom Wolf’s stay at home order issued March 30. The order stated no vehicle was allowed to travel on any highway or roadway unless it met an exemption. Police said they had noticed the vehicle at a residence in the borough about an hour earlier and also knew the registration was not from the area.

The driver was identified as Renee Gibas, 48, of Frackville, who advised police she was picking up a friend and going home. This would not meet a listed exemption under the state order, police said. She then produced a “essential services work authorization request for the provision of critical commodities.” However, the paper presented was actually for Gibas’ son, so she did not met the exemption provision.

Gibas was also extremely fidgety as she spoke to police and her pupils were dilated and her eyes red and bloodshot.

She was asked to perform field sobriety tests which indicated signs of impairment. She was then placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence. Her vehicle was towed and she was taken for a blood test. At the hospital she refused to submit to the test.

She was charged with DUI and two summary offenses related to the stay at home order.