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Tamaqua Area High School announces senior awards

Published May 23. 2019 01:37PM

Tamaqua Area High School held its academic awards assembly recently.

The following students received awards during the assembly.

Drs. Larry and Pamela Assalita Scholarship: Mason Dolinsky, $500

B.P.W. “Girl of the Year” Award: Kaitlyn Bender, $500

Bailey’s Building Supplies, Top Vo-Tech Student: Tyler Shilko, $100

Beta Sigma Phi Award: Kayla Sherry, $150

Jerome Betz Memorial Award: Talia Lewis, $250

James D. Collins Memorial Scholarship: Rebecca Kunkel, $2,331.02

Arnold Delin Award: Olivia Lattanzi, $500

Nicholas S. Demyanovich Memorial Award: Hunter Knepper, $500

The Cassidy Derr Memorial Scholarship: Emily Barrett, $200

The Joan Clarke Memorial Scholarship: April Gerber, $1,000

Edmonds Memorial Scholarship: Dustin Ulrich, $200

The William and Florence Fegley and Family Award: Olivia Lattanzi, $5,000

The Fenstermacher Prize: Emily Amershek, $6,000

The Fisher Memorial Award: Emily Fisher, Morgan Lusch, Olivia Lattanzi, $150/$100/$75

The Dr. John and Nell Forrest Scholarship: Jaclyn Ohl, $2,000

Fraternal Order of Police Award: Shelly Valentine, $100

Robert R. Fritzinger III Memorial Scholarship: Luke Mateyak, $200

Theodore A. Giltner Memorial Award: Morgan Lusch, $3,000

The Kermit Gregory Award: Mason Dolinsky, $100

Kimberly Mateyak Griffith Memorial Award: Kailyn Erbe, $1,000

The Hassan Scholarship: Emily Barrett, $5,000

Marlin Hechler Memorial Award: Hunter Knepper, $500

The Benjamin Herring Memorial Scholarship: Talia Lewis, $5,000

Joanne and Raymond C. Kinder Educational Scholarship: Detrick Borden, $500

John P. Klimowitch Memorial Award: Kayla Zamudio, $150

The William Klingaman Award: Brooke Williams, $500

The Alice Konecny Memorial Scholarship: Jacob Rudy, $2,000

The Russell P. Kropp, PHD Memorial Scholarship: Brandi DeAngelo, $1,500

Theodore Leiser Memorial Scholarship: Kaitlyn Bender, $6,644.50

The Humbert Lendin Music Scholarship: Morgan Lusch, $3,000

The Walter Ligenza Memorial Scholarship: Jada Schellhammer, $100

M&T Financial Bank Award: Melanie Shimko, $100

Karen Mateyak Mathematics Award: Emily Amershek, $2,000

The John Mettler Future Educators Scholarship: Morgan Houser, $500

Miller/Knowles Memorial Award: Kayla Sherry, $100

Frances K. Miller Scholarship Fund: Jacob Rudy, $500

Dr. Richard E. Miller Award: Sarah Martinez, $100

The J.E. Morgan Foundation Scholarship: Emily Barrett, Olivia Lattanzi, $5,000 a year for four years each

Class of 1953 William J. Rarick Memorial Scholarship: Amanda Sotalin, $200

Matthew Roberts Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas Breiner and Miranda Chinchar, $500 each

Charlie Rohart Memorial Scholarship: Nathan Schellhammer, $250

Rotary Award: Miranda Chinchar, $500

The Ernest Scheller Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Maue, $3,000 a year for four years

The Schuylkill County Interscholastic Athletic Association Scholarship: Matthew Amodea, Emily Amershek, $100 each

The Special Foreign Language Award in Spanish: Emily Amershek, $300

The Edward Shafer Memorial Scholarship: Hannah Kistler, $300

Student Recognition Committee Award: Brianna Dinsmore, $150

T.A.S.G.A. Student Government Scholarship: Olivia Lattanzi, $500

T.A.E.A. — Tamaqua Education Association Award: Talia Lewis, Emily Amershek, April Gerber, Kayla Sherry, $500 each

Tamaqua Area High School Alumni Award: Elizabeth Wagner, Meghan McArdle, $500 each

Tamaqua Class of 1965 Award: Matthew Franklin, $500

Edward J. Tite Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Maue and Derian Stianche, $500 each

The Towle Family Scholarship: Sarah Martinez, $250

Thelma Urban Memorial Scholarship: Morgan Lusch, $1,000

The Fred Valent Memorial Scholarship: Cheyenne Daly, $500

Versum Materials Award: Emily Amershek, Matthew Amodea, Mason Dolinsky, Talia Lewis, Sarah Maue, $5,000 each

The McKayla Wall Memorial Scholarship: Shelly Valentine, Talia Lewis, $500 each

Catherine and Junior Zehner Award: Jacob Rudy, $1,000

The Frank Zlock Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas Breiner, $500

Richard C. Zukovich Memorial Scholarship: Kayla Sherry, $500

Beemis Company Foundation Scholarship: Olivia Lattanzi, $3,000 a year for four years

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