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Support Beltz, Bowes, Schnell

Published October 30. 2019 12:20PM

Lehighton school district taxpayers,

So, you felt grand about voting for the “Hometown Team” in the primaries. How is that working out? Higher taxes (remember those signs posted before the primary? Something to the effect of raising taxes, not in our town?) Teachers scrounging for supplies because of bad financial decisions, “no comment” replies at the board meetings when asked meaningful questions, continuing to mislead the taxpayers. You should truly take the time to watch the archived videos of the board meetings to see the immaturity on full display by some of the people you voted for. All of these poor financial decisions were made by current board members who happen to be on the “Hometown Team”: Larry Stern, Wayne Wentz, Rita Spinelli.

Yes, there are new faces running and you’d have to say to yourself, if they are running on the same team, won’t they just act the same way? You watched as your tax bills went up with the cries of “for the children” but you see by the extremely damaged books, lack of school supplies, and other cost-cutting measures that it never was “for the children.” Nobody knows how you vote at the polls; you actually can make a difference and choose a different outcome.

We need to right the ship before our taxes go up even more because of the extremely poor financial decisions of the five and before they bring in new people to do even more damage with even more uninformed, wasteful spending. A question to ask yourself would be, “If I had a financial adviser and they kept wiping out my bank account and charging me more fees, would I keep hiring them?”

You have other choices and I implore you to vote for Rusty Beltz, and write in Barb Bowes and Byron Schnell. The decision is up to you. You can vote let the “Hometown Team” have unfettered access to your hard-earned money. Or you can vote for three people who will stop throwing money into the vast wasteful pit of lies and direct it to where it matters most, the educators and children of our once proud school district.

Jeremy Glaush


Well I agree I will be out to vote against the hometownteam and the nepotism that plagues this area / county. But don't get your hopes up as this area has an extremely high number of idiots that vote this way . Well I have always voted for... fill in the blank .. so I will vote for them again. Even thought the jerks are RAPING us and raising our taxes again even thought the lasb said they would not!
Let’s do some fact checking. Three of the people running on the Hometown team as well as “ all board members” had been told from the business office that a tax increase for normal budgeting increases would eventually occur in a few years. Due to some inaccurate business accounting reporting to the “ entire board” that increase of one mill occurred for 2019. Rusty Beltz, as well as David Bradley, Gail Maholick, and Joy Beers saw all the financial documents on a monthly basis too. Mr. Beltz was taken aback when it was reported that there were inaccuracies in accounting . Mr. Bradley, viewed bills too, and never reported inaccuracies so to blame the Hometown team for some of the financial distress that has occurred is simply wrong. Check the archived videos if you don’t believe the above statements.
There are two newcomers who are running with the Hometown team because they align their values with the voice of reason. We don’t know , if elected, how they will vote all of the time. Can you say with certainty that Mr. Beltz, Ms. Bowes, and Mr. Schnell do not align themselves with Mr. Bradley’s grandstanding agenda. At face value, it appears that they do.
Whoever wins the election, must come to the table with an open mind and strategically plan for this district’s future without constant harassment , unfounded accusations, and a judge and jury mentality. These type of behaviors serve absolutely no purpose.
My vote will still go to the Voice of Reason.
I have nothing at stake in this important election for education, but, let this sink in before you vote on other candidates.
Democrats voted to fine Americans for not having Health Insurance, but want to give it to Illegal Aliens for FREE!
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