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Send your election letters

Published October 03. 2019 03:32PM

The general election is Nov. 5 and the Times News will accept election-related letters through Oct. 29. Letters will be published in our daily and Saturday opinion pages by Saturday, Nov. 2.

We invite you to write in and tell us why you are supporting a candidate. We will now also accept opposition letters.

Be respectful, kind and courteous. Focus on the candidate as an official, not on their personal life. When writing about an incumbent, stick strictly to the candidate’s role or performance in office, not their personal life. Stick to substantive arguments.

We will not tolerate letters that make false declarations or ones that attack other letter writers.

Letters should be no more than 300 words and be signed by the author.

The writer’s name, address and phone number should be included for our files.

If the letter writer is working for a candidate’s campaign, we ask that they disclose that so we can include that information on the letter.

Submit your letters via email on our website at or mail to Times News, 594 Blakeslee Blvd. Drive W., Lehighton, PA 18235. We reserve the right to reject any letter that is libelous or does not fit with our format. We are under no obligation to print letters received. Questions? Email

“We will not tolerate letters that make false declarations”

Pity we won’t see any pro trump letters to comment on as a result
I really would like to see letters from the Evangelicals that still quietly, secretly will still vote for him. They hate those terrible liberals that are "tearing this country apart brick by brick".
They are not quiet, which is the troubling part. They actually think trump is doing God’s will. They have twisted the gospel to conform with support of the Antichrist. Mike/Levite are excellent examples of the farce that evangelicalism has become
I was referring to local voters not TV. The average American is slowly understanding that they are getting screwed. The hold outs are in denial and can't see that the rich (D' & R's and others in high places) have been using undocumented blacks & browns for years and use their wealth and power to maintain control of this country. Trump still does.
Saturday Night Live had a skit on that was hilarious...Asian man said China built a wall and it can even be seen from outer space and see I am wearing Air Jordans too.

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