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Save money, save food

Published July 03. 2019 12:35PM

This Thursday, people across the United States will celebrate the Fourth of July, marking the country’s independence with parades, barbecues, potluck dinners, and family gatherings. On an average day, Americans waste more than 1,250 calories per person; but on holidays celebrated around food, they may waste far more when preparing, cooking, and disposing their meals throughout the day.

Here are some ideas to reduce waste from

• When adding carrots to coleslaw or celery to potato salad, add the vegetables’ leaves for extra flavor and nutrients.

Bonus: when adding herbs like dill or parsley to these classic dishes, use the leaves and stems.

• Use stale rolls after the holiday to make croutons, breadcrumbs or even bread pudding.

• Sprinkle leftover wine and sangria into sauces for extra acidic flavor. And freeze leftover lemonades, punches, or mixed drinks for a cooling treat through the rest of the summer.

• Freeze leftover or bruised fruit for nutritious breakfast smoothies on July 5.

• Stuck on those watermelon rinds? Sauté or pickle organic watermelon rinds for a sweet addition.

• Collect the bones from barbecued meats to make stock.

• Locate an app or organization in your community that will accept surplus meals for donation.

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