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Police: Walnutport man dragged, attacked woman

Published August 21. 2019 09:24AM


A Walnutport man is facing charges after a woman reported he dragged her from the neighbor’s porch and tried to strangle her.

Lehigh Township police in Northampton County were dispatched to a residence along White Pine Run for a disturbance at 10:54 p.m. on Saturday. On scene officers spoke to a couple who said they heard a woman banging on the door of their home and screaming for help. Then they heard the woman say, “No, no don’t do it.” Afterwards there was silence.

The couple said they went outside. No one was there but they found a box of cigarettes tubes on their front porch, a purse and a bag in their yard. Police examined the purse and found the name of a woman and multiple medical cards. Police then checked the area and found a pair of slippers, a glass cup, a can of soda and a notebook leading to another home along White Pine Drive.

A check of the name found in the purse indicated she had a Tamaqua address. Police learned that the woman and a Blaine Kirchner, 56, lived at the residence in question. Police entered the home and found the woman and Kirchner in an attic area. Kirchner was laying on top of the female, who was wrapped in a blanket.

Kirchner was then placed in custody. Police took a statement from the woman, as she was receiving medical treatment from an EMS unit called to the scene. She had visible injuries including bleeding from her mouth and ears. She had significant amount of fresh and dry blood on her teeth, tongue and lip, police said. Her lower lip was swollen.

She told police Kirchner ran after her when she went to the neighbors for help and dragged her back to the house by her armpits. Lauer said he was strangling her and she pretended to pass out for him to let go of her neck.

Kirchner denied assaulting the woman. He was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and harassment.


As a survivior of abuse, there is no one and nothing in this entire world that would or could ever make me live like that again. I hope she gets the help she needs to move past him
T2C (formerly diggerout who was expelled from here for vulgar posts) you are crazy to attempt to tie this abhorrent crime to politics. These beaters should be thrown in a cage with a 600lb gorilla to see what it is like to be prey. Ladies don’t put up with any of this stuff. You are worthwhile and don’t let anyone physically or verbally take advantage of you. Turning Point is a haven if you need help or a place to stay. Hang in there it is not your fault.
You are the pure definition of "Trump Derangement Syndrome"! Pathetic POS! Clinton is a child molester, it's going to come out even though Killary had Epstein murdered in prison. And these are the people your worship? Says SO much about you!
Let me be clear, Country Girl. You seem to have a hatred of all men spurred on by the dreadful misdeeds of a few. You don’t even know me, yet, you say that, “ threw the issue back to women...” I recommended “Turning Point” because my wife has been a volunteer there for 15 years. Domestic violence is everyone’s problem. I would probably have more severe penalties than you, because I believe in a zero tolerance policy. I wish I could personally lock every one of these criminal beaters in a cage with a gorilla. Sometimes I wish I was the gorilla. Through recent years I have personally given thousands of $ to this cause. At one time, years ago, I left a lady stay at my apartment for 6 months, after she was a victim of domestic violence. I even gave her money for her expenses. At the time I was deployed to Saudi Arabia to “live in their world of male privilege...” as I was flying warplanes against active enemies of America. Nobody made this a woman’s problem. Every victim needs to know that it is not their fault and that there is a safety net. Athletes, police, & military men are more prone to this because of their violence in their career. As prior military, I have had some training to avert this. Pushing blame on the undeserved doesn’t do anything to solve any problem, let alone this one.
I view this problem as there are a few evil individuals that do this. You, CG, seem to think that every man is just one little trigger away from doing this.
CG, I am not sure why you seem to have a chip on your shoulder. Domestic violence is everyone’s problem. On one hand, efforts are exerted to cover up this, by the criminals, who are ashamed, and, by some victims that wrongly believe they are at fault. So, as a result, things are often not obvious. Normal people usually don’t nose into other people’s personal business. In that respect, this goes undetected. Also, normal people are busy with their lives and do not notice this stuff until they encounter it. This is like heart disease, cancer or other things like that. If a friend or family member has it, then the friends and family become aware and learn about it and get involved in fund raisers. To say it is a man’s responsibility to change other men’s behavior is wrong. It is not my responsibility to hunt down beaters throughout society. The woman has to make a record of the abuse and go to the police, knowing she would have a safe haven to go to. I would not be a friend to a beater. I would be tempted to pulverize him. Aren’t the guidelines from these shelters inline with my statements? Do you want a posse of men to hunt down beaters? You are confusing. I am glad you had a great father in a German family. Apparently, you were able to benefit from white male privilege. I, too, had a great father that was a US Army Drill Instructor and a decorated combat veteran. My dad told me it is ok to be long as you are right.

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