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Pet pit bull attacks owners

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    Scott Dudkewic plays with his pit bull Duncan. COURTESY OF SCOTT DUDKEWIK

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    Scott Dudkewic is out hiking with his youngest daughter Nicolle and two of their dogs. Duncan is the dog to the left who suddenly attacked his owners just over two weeks ago. COURTESY OF SCOTT DUDKEWIC

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    Duncan plays in the water retrieving a stick before his recent attack on his owners. COURTESY OF SCOTT DUDKEWIC

Published September 13. 2019 01:03PM


An Effort man is in the trauma ward at Cedar Crest Lehigh Valley Hospital after a beloved family pit bull attacked him and his wife at their home a little over two weeks ago.

Scott and Linda Dudkewic adopted Duncan from an animal shelter over six years ago. From his hospital bed, Scott remembered the dog he used to know.

“Duncan was my boy that sat at my side the whole time, all the time. And he was one of my best buds. He lay with me every night. I petted him. By my side — he was there all the time.”

Duncan had been guilty of nipping in moments of excitement but had never seriously bitten anyone.

The couple also owns two other dogs. One, named Lucky, they took in four months ago after they found him wounded by the side of the road. They wonder if the attack was triggered by jealousy of Lucky or by some undiagnosed medical condition. Duncan had recently stopped eating out of his bowl and had to be spoon-fed.

The attack

On Aug. 28, as Linda was letting the dogs out of the garage for a walk, Duncan bit her on the back of the thigh. After bandaging her wound, the couple came outside to put Duncan in his cage.

“When I called him, he came running around the corner,” Linda reminded Scott as they told the story together. “You didn’t know what was going to happen, so you stepped forward in front of me and then tried to get him to sit down and take him to put him into the cage.”

That’s when the dog snapped.

“Then he got my one (right) arm. I tried to wrestle him,” Scott said. “He broke free. My wife came out to knock him off with one of my river paddles and she handed it to me. I tried to get it into his mouth, and then he grabbed my left arm and he just locked onto it. So instead of me pulling away from it, I just started stuffing my arm into his mouth to try to stop the tearing, because he was trying to get after my neck.”

Scott could hear the dog’s jaws crushing his bones.

The couple screamed at Duncan to let go.

Scott jammed his fingers into the dog’s eyes and tried to pull his mouth apart.

Hearing the screaming, their next-door neighbor came running but didn’t want to shoot the family pet.

“He’s not my dog,” the neighbor said.

“He’s not my dog now either, you have to shoot him!” Scott said.

The neighbor shot the dog twice in the back legs so as not to hit Scott. Finally the dog released his hold on Scott’s arm.

“Thank God for my neighbor that came over and shot him. Otherwise I would be dead right now,” Scott said afterward.

They dragged Scott into the garage, and Linda slammed the door on Duncan’s head, shutting him outside. They tried to stop the bleeding.

Scott had lost tissue and muscle from his mangled left arm. His right arm also had deep bite wounds. He will permanently lose the tip of his right ring finger, which is so black it looks like a piece of charcoal, he said. Fortunately, none of his bones were broken.

Help arrived in minutes.

‘Let’s Support Scotty!’

Scott has already had five surgeries. He hopes to be discharged from the hospital this week, but recovery is expected to take six months to a year.

His insurance doesn’t cover any home care in his area so Linda will do a lot of the care, Scott said.

Despite everything that has happened, Scott counts himself “one of the lucky ones” because of the overwhelming support they have received from the community.

Scott works at the Sewanhaka School District in Long Island and takes seasonal jobs with Pocono Whitewater Rafting, Skirmish USA, and Jack Frost Big Boulder. He describes his co-workers as “family.”

Co-workers have organized fundraisers for Scott and offered to mow his lawn. Friends have stayed with him overnight at the hospital.

Scott’s childhood friend Ron Locks worked with his co-worker Talon Fogal to start a GoFundMe called “Let’s Support Scotty!” that has raised $23,580 of its $20,000 goal with donations from 282 people as of Friday morning.

Fogal said he spoke with one woman who donated without even knowing the couple.

Locks said the GoFundMe aimed to tell the couple’s story once so that they wouldn’t have to retell it themselves over and over.

“They are asking to please not call or text while they are in the hospital dealing with this horrible situation,” the GoFundMe reads.

The Dudkewics have waived their rights to Duncan and believe that he has been euthanized by a shelter in Long Island.

“I didn’t only lose parts of my body, I lost a really good friend of mine. So I just wanna make people aware that things happen,” Scott said tearfully.

The couple warned pet owners to look for suspicious signs.

“If there’s an undiagnosed medical condition and they’re in pain, at any given moment they can turn on you in a heartbeat,” Linda said.



It's good to be armed and ready if there's dogs around. I can't recall this kind of thing being reported with the beloved declawed family pet cat... yet (wink)
Yes, you realize too that there's something wrong with the owner's story. "May God bless the beasts and the children...."
Yes, you realize too that there's something wrong with the owner's story. "May God bless the beasts and the children...."
Obviously we are missing a piece of the story here. This couple should NEVER get another dog. Please let me know where I can donate to Duncan's GoFundMe page.
You’re statement shows that you are a down right psychopath. Please get help for your delusions. Do the world a favor and never reproduce. This couple tried to do a good deed and save a homeless animal. unfortunately like most pitbull‘s they are dangerous and unpredictable. Your apologist blather is disgusting.
Those pit bulls are NFG. They all have rotten brains.
Not true at all. They are some of the most abused animals on earth. They are very often mishandled and mistreated, and humans actually act affronted when they finally fight back. "May God Bless the Beasts and the Children, for in this world they have no choice. They have no voice. " Don't Red flags go up for you on reading that the dog had supposedly stopped eating and yet these loving owners didn't seek vet care? A dog that has stopped eating is severely ill and thus it would be most unexpected to have the dog running fast and actively fighting by choice. No, something is Very Rotten in Denmark and police should investigate.
Amen brother. People don’t realize the damage that a so called pet can do. They are just not worth owning. This article is sickening. And then to think there are people who are defending the animal. Morons.
It is a crime to fire a gun in a Residential neighborhood! Can Animal Control please check on the welfare of their remaining animals?? These people should NEVER EVER get another dog.
It is a crime to fire a gun in a Residential neighborhood! Can Animal Control please check on the welfare of their remaining animals?? These people should NEVER EVER get another dog.
Jackie, I'm not sure what planet you came from. However, I am an avid animal lover & have rescued many, from the kill shelters.
Most recent, a dog from death row.
That man could've very easily been killed, should the dog have reached his jugular vein. And I feel that the correct measures were used..What if a small child would have been standing there?!
It is completely illogical to entertain the idea that a non-eating severely ill dog, especially one that small, would run fast around the corner and attack someone. There is a piece of the story that we have not heard. Also, the point about the child is one that I always marvel at, like somehow a child's life is way more valuable than anyone else's. All lives are valuable. I am simply pointing out inconsistencies in the story as written above that beg for police and animal control investigations. When animals are ever pushed to the point of self defense, it is always the animal that loses. These owners should surrender their remaining pets and never ever show up at the SPCA to adopt anymore. Duncan is probably dead, and what ever horrors happened to him, should not die with him. We are left with an improbable story and people begging for cash.
Ok..the dog in those pics is clearly a mutt with Yellow lab mixed in maybe a pit along the way..can we stop mislabeling any dog that slightly resembles a pit as one? It's uneducated. The dog had to be spoon fed but no one thought to get care for this dog? Something isn't right with this story, these "caring" owners should be investigated. Dogs don't just "snap" unless there is a reason. The dog seemed very ill with having to be spoon fed, he could have been in immense pain and nothing was being done. Sad.
We all know pet pit bull gets the clicks, pet mutt just doesn't sound as jazzy. Shame on you times news. Your local shelter is filled with pitties and pit mutt mixes you are doing a disservice to them with this click bait article of obvious owner mishandling.
Agreed 100%. Thank you so very much for reading any news article with a discerning eye. This story as it stands does not make sense, and poor Duncan could not adequately defend himself from either the bullets or the "love" of his owners. Again, they should surrender their pets and never ever own any again. Justice for Duncan!
Justice for Duncan? Wow. I’ll bet that no story about an animal attack would ever make any sense to you. The dog is dead, that’s the only justice in this story.
Look how small that dog is. That story makes no sense, and the family is getting thousands after airing it. You obviously believe everything you read.
End of story. Stop worrying about the animal and start having some compassion for the human.
Sorry Pal, saving my money for Duncan! I would bet the farm that this dog was injured, neglected, and or abused.
The dog is or will be put down. Please take these maulers to a deserted island with yourself and keep away from sane individuals. You are a shame to the human race.
If Duncan survived their attack, I would sponsor him, adopt him, pay his vet bill, and protect him.
Hope the owner recovers with the ability to use his arms. I am a mauling survivor. My foot was dismembered and my other foot mangled in a 2 hour struggle on 11/16/15. My ex husband had rehomed a American Bulldog Johnson/Scott type. The dog was treated well. We owned him 11 months. Attacked me without warning in the yard I nearly bled to death. Fortunately we had good insurance. My medical costs nearly a million dollars. Homeowners insurance doesn't help if you are attacked in your home. I'm permanently disabled and divorced. Animal ownership is property ownership. Yes law enforcement practices need to improve. Accountability legally and financially for ownership of animals that are known to be risky need to be held at a higher standard. We as humans are supposed to be responsible for the Animal kingdom whether it be in the wild or in our domestic homes. Euthanasia in the form of slaughter, controlled hunting, and lethal injection is our tools for controlling animal populations. I love animals as much as anyone. But society is becoming Anthropomorphic about pets to the point of endangerment to children, other pets, livestock and the community in general. The purpose for which dogs like the famed Pit (an umbrella term) are no longer needed by society. Their genetic propensity is to take down bulls, ferel pigs, and large wild animals. Most people who own them are in denial of the possibility that they are risking life and limb. Do the RISKS of trying to domesticate these dogs OUTWEIGH the BENEFITS to the average person? Documented detailed death statistics show About 40 people a year in America die from domestic dog maulings. That doesn't account for the hundreds of mauling survivors like me. That doesn't account for other pets and livestock also mangled and killed by Pits at a disproportionate number over any other dog type. Rotweilers come in second.
Always blame the dog its never the person fault hear that way to much. Not saying the dog didnt do wrong but going off the story they have you can clearly see something is missing. Im sure that dog was either ill mistreated and the people left that out to get the pitty game just like a scumbag would do. Dont even look like a pit
Exactly. That dog doesn't look the least bit like a pitbull. No puppy comes out of the womb snarling and biting. In fact if you watch young puppies play you will see their eyes are bright and they are full of hope and curiosity. Their hearts are a blank page upon which to write their story. The abuse then begins almost immediately. If they can't control their bowels and bladders at impossibly young ages, if they can't control their teething (like any other baby can't either), if they can't go endless hours without relieving themselves, if they walk in front of the TV, knock something down, etc. their positivity will diminish as they are hit and harmed for the first time...Would you ever want to trade places with them? Yet story after story all over the world tells of dogs alerting owners to fires, defending them from attacks, waiting by window and in impossibly hot cars for their owners. Dogs have refused to leave corpses, to leave grave sites, all for the want of their beloved owner. Yet it is appalling the way we treat them. Pits are not bad. People are bad.
Peace for tortured and devastated Pits, and also for dogs everywhere.
Who keeps the "beloved family pet" in a cage in the garage like last years Christmas decorations? Animal Control please investigate!
Read a story a few years back about a poor, innocent child attacked by the family dog for no reason. After the dog's body was investigated it turned out the dog had a pencil inserted into it's ear by that poor, innocent child.
It does not require a medical issue to cause such an attack. Genetics pay a huge part. 80% of these attacks are on a family member or the owner. I can say that if you are attacked by a vicious dog while protecting a 5 year old boy, watch your throat and back of your neck. That's where they try to go for the kill. If you are on your back with the dog trying to rip your throat out, grab its open mouth and keep it away from your throat. You can make fists and cram them in its mouth. Warning it hurts like hell but saved us. Also know that it may try to get back to its chosen prey, in our case a 5 year old boy. So be prepared to crawl after it and grab it again and again before it reaches or gets back to the child. If it gets the child it will be devastating. And DO NOT get involved in a tug of war. Grab that dog again and again and insert yourself into the battle. Make yourself its prey. Protect that child. How horrific do y'all think it is for me to be able to give such advice? #beentheredonethat #wontbackdown!
You must have missed that part of this story. There is no child involved. One word comes to mind when I read your post. THERAPY. And lots of it. You should never have a pet either.

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