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Pennsylvania's campaign trail draws Trump, Biden and Pence

Published May 16. 2019 08:52AM

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania's 2020 campaign trail is seeing more traffic.

Vice President Mike Pence will headline a June 6 fundraiser in Hershey for the state Republican Party as national party officials press it to step up its field and fundraising operation.
Before that, President Donald Trump is heading to Montoursville in northern Pennsylvania on Monday for a campaign rally the day before voters there pick a new congressman.
On the Democratic side, former Vice President Joe Biden is holding a campaign rally this Saturday at Philadelphia's Eakins Oval, his second major public event in Pennsylvania in the month since he announced he's running for president.
Meanwhile, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is hosting a fundraiser in Philadelphia on Thursday to benefit his presidential campaign.

Cory Booker'll be lucky to draw a thousand people.
Biden had to get his trip in early, because once the criminal investigations get started, he'll be busy slurring out answers to John Durham's investigators. Say... did you ever notice how Sleepy Sleezy Plugs Biden slurs out his words? He's either got a yuge drinking problem, or he paid too little for that face lift. Wait and see the hundreds of fools show up on Saturday.
He does look younger with the hair plugs and the face lift. Bwah ha ha ha, these moderate lefties crack me up!
All right little boy, enough of your sugar daddy rush, now get upstairs, wash behind your ears, brush your tooth and don't forget to take your anti psychotic meds, we can all see you're getting delusional again, poor poor pitiful thang, hugs and kisses and remember to get down on your knees, but watch your bone spurs, and pray that someday you can grow up to be a draft dodger, we know you can do it,.

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