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Palmerton holds annual lifting meet

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    The 14-15 year-old division winners at the annual Blue Bombers Invitational Weightlifting Meet included, from left, Northampton’s Makei Hubert, Northwest Area’s Jacob Bobersky, Tamaqua’s Jake Wasserleber, Northampton’s Everett Luisi, Northampton’s Ethan Schweitzer, Northampton’s Victor Hunt, Palisades’ Liam Riexinger, Palisades’ Austin Winters (Palisades), and Palisades’ Dom Cook. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

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    The 16-18 year-old division winners at the annual Blue Bombers Invitational Weightlifting Meet included, from left, Palmerton’s Tim Iles, Palmerton’s Carson Gardner, Tamaqua’s Nate Boyle, Souderton’s DeAndre Wakefield, Souderton’s Koby Bui, and Northampton’s Sam Nelson. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

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Published April 19. 2019 11:51PM


The Palmerton football team hosted its 15th annual Blue Bombers Invitational Weightlifting Meet on April 14.

A total of 117 players from Palmerton, Tamaqua, Palisades, Souderton, Nativity, Marian, Northwest Area and Northampton participated in the event.

Most outstanding lifter awards were given to the best performances in the 14-15 year-old (Austin Winters of Palisades) and 16-18 year-old (Souderton’s Koby Bui) divisions by adding the lifters best bench and squat attempts, then dividing it by their body weight.

Area players that earned first in their respective divisions included Tamaqua’s Jake Wasserleber, Nate Boyle, Bronson Strouse and Carl Valentine, and Palmerton’s Tim Iles and Carson Gardner.

Listed below are the medal winners with their overall total and squat and bench lifts in parenthesis. (squat is listed first). The lifts were ‘raw’, meaning no knee wraps, bench shirts, or wrist wraps.


1. Northampton 34, 2. Souderton 30, 3. Palisades 23, 4. Tamaqua 22, 5. Northwest Area 14, 6. Palmerton 10, 7. Nativity 4, 8. Marian 0.



120-pound weight class

GOLD: Dom Cook, Palisades 370 (230/140); SILVER: Hunter Gmiter, Northwest; BRONZE: Jordan Lindbuchler, Northwest

135 pounds

GOLD: Vic Hunt, Northampton 385 (250/135); SILVER: Scott Segraves, Palisades; BRONZE: Josh Daley, Souderton

150 pounds

GOLD: Luisi Everett, Northampton 440 (290/150); SILVER: Joey DeRossi, Palmerton; BRONZE: David Oglivie, Northampton

165 pounds

GOLD: Jacob Bobersky, Northwest 515 (315/200); SILVER: Brayden Porter, Souderton; BRONZE: Steven Lilly, Palisades

180 pounds

GOLD: Austin Winters, Palisades 660 (360/300) Most outstanding lifter; SILVER: Nate Curvey, Tamaqua; BRONZE: Fletcher Eades, Nativity

195 pounds

GOLD: Makei Hubert, Northampton 525 (330/195); SILVER: Jonathan Lomonaco, Souderton; BRONZE: Zach Noradko, Northampton

210 pounds

GOLD: Jake Wasserleber, Tamaqua 535 (330/205); SILVER: Hunter Yarnell, Northwest; BRONZE: Garrett Modig, Palisades

225 pounds

GOLD: Ethan Schweitzer, Northampton 575 (360/215); SILVER: Scott Oliver, Northwest


GOLD: Liam Riexinger, Palisades 550 (315/235); SILVER: Austin Cavallo, Northampton; BRONZE: Michael Raub, Northampton


150 pounds

GOLD: Koby Bui, Souderton 626 (380/245) Most Outstanding lifter; SILVER: Gus Yocum, Palisades; BRONZE: Mason Schmidt, Souderton

165 pounds

GOLD: DeAndre Wakefiel, Souderton 605 (365/240); SILVER: Jimmy Daley, Souderton; BRONZE: Jared Russell, Northampton

180 pounds

GOLD: Nate Boyle, Tamaqua 745 (470/275); SILVER: Josh Gaycheck, Northampton; BRONZE: Peter Ernst, Souderton

195 pounds

GOLD: Dan Villalba, Souderton 645 (390/255); SILVER: Kyle Perl, Northampton; BRONZE: Tommy Nguyen, Souderton

210 pounds

GOLD: Tim Iles, Palmerton 680 (415/265); SILVER: John Mannino, Tamaqua; BRONZE: Brayden Hess, Tamaqua

225 pounds

GOLD: Carson Gardner, Palmerton 730 (475/255); SILVER: Kyle Elsesser, Souderton; BRONZE: George May, Northwest

240 pounds

GOLD: Bronson Strouse, Tamaqua 660 (395/265); SILVER: Evan Casey, Northampton; BRONZE: Dario Walnok, Northampton

255 pounds

GOLD: Carl Valentine, Tamaqua 825 (500/325); SILVER: Jared Barno, Northampton


GOLD: Sam Nelson, Northampton 690 (440/250); SILVER: Briar Regel, Nativity; BRONZE: Shane O’Brien, Souderton



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