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Now, about those interest rates

Published January 11. 2019 08:49PM

Why can’t we have better (higher) interest rates on our savings, CDs, dividends and United States savings bonds and still let homebuyers have lower interest rates while keeping credit cards and personal loans at higher interest rates?

What’s wrong with politicians, lawyers and financial “experts” that they cannot achieve this goal for we, the people, whose votes you politicians desire so dearly? After all, politicians and lawyers seem to be great manipulators and regulators of all sorts of things that line their own pockets, why can’t they do this for the poor little guy trying to save money and hoping it will grow?

Oh, and let’s not forget the working people’s 401(k)s and other personal retirement funds for the hardworking citizens. Why can’t they have the decent (higher) interest rates?

C’mon, now, all you politicians who get retirement and health care paid for by we, the people, and probably earning nice high interest on all your investments, help us, the hardworking public who pay those benefits, and give us good interest rates, too!

Ruthann Schlecht


While I am in the same boat as you are Ruthann, but I am old enough to remember 17% mortgages of the 1980's because the federal reserve's failed war on inflation. We have little to no inflation today, so I say, leave it alone. Any new monetary policy would need to promote maximum employment, stable prices and moderate long-term interest rates. Because of our current President, we see maximum employment beyond anything we've seen in 30 years. If you want better return on investment, invest with higher risk. After all, it is gambling.

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