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Liquor board cites Carbon businesses

Published April 10. 2018 08:56AM

The Wilkes-Barre enforcement office of the state liquor control board cited two Carbon County businesses for violating the state liquor code.

Blue Mountain Pub Inc., 3790 Forest Inn Road, Lower Towamensing Township, was cited on Jan. 18 for sold, furnished and/or gave or permitted such sale, furnishing or giving of alcoholic beverages to a visibly intoxicated patron.

Griff’s Ale Haus & Grille, 328 S. Second St., Lehighton, was cited on Jan. 25 for sold, furnished and/or gave or permitted such sale, furnishing or giving of alcoholic beverages to a minor.

These charges will be brought before an administrative law judge who has the authority to impose penalties ranging from $50 to $1,000 for minor offenses and up to $5,000 for more serious offenses. In addition, the judge can also impose a license suspension or revocation of the license based on the severity of the charge brought.

I hope Blue Mtn. Pub loses their license. They can be damn lucky Bob Hess didn't kill that young man. He's nothing but a drunken bum. That POS should rot in jail.
I need the community's help regarding Blue Mountain Pub. I am only one voice. Rest of the story.....the intoxicated patron referenced, Robert Hess, has a long history of DUIs and public endangerment. At the time of the incident, he was serving a sentence for his most recent DUI conviction. A fact known by the Pub. He was out on work release during the week, to report back to jail on weekends. Per witnesses, he spent most of 2017, his "work hours", drinking. He was an almost daily appearance at the Blue Mountain Pub, where he sat, was over served, and allowed to leave the establishment barely able to walk straight on a regular basis. More than one witness account has him stumbling around the parking lot many times attempting to get to his van or motorcycle, eventually to drive off. On January 18, he left the Blue Mountain Pub (Intoxication level .208, barely able to stand up at the crash site.), proceeded down Forest Inn on the wrong side of the road and drove head on into my son. Only by the grace of God did my son walk away from the accident with the injuries he does have. A difference of 4-5 seconds more in the bend of the road before impact would have had the patron driving into my son's driver side door, in which case we would be talking about an ICU injury or death. As is, my son now has a car loan debt now he can't really afford to get himself a new vehicle for work and college; a hard working, community volunteer, driver with a spotless record, and really good kid. Mr. Hess' connection with the Blue Mountain Pub has been noted in other DUI cases prior to this one even. The Pub has a long list of fines, citations, and State Trooper incident responses....more fines will not change their business practices now, since this approach hasn't worked thus far leading up to this incident. Please call the Liquor Control Board and let them know what the community feels is the right outcome from this hearing. Thank you.
Hey Robbie , the PoPo is looking for you; you POS. Arraignment tomorrow 4/12/2018 at 8:30. Don't be late dickhead. They will find you if you don't show. I'll find you if they don't.
Dan Murphy, Well since you think you know who you’re talking to you come knocking on my door. So from one piece of shit to another saving your house wasn’t that bad was it.
News flash POS ; Evelyn saved my house , no one else. And I'm greatful for that. Not for a POS who's a drunk and only has beer muscles and goes after someone with a baseball bat like he's such a tough guy. Right, Robbbbbbie. And she was paid back and thanked many times. How many times has POS paid his sister back for bailing his out numerous times and still doing it? Dan Murphy is a great MAN also for helping me when I needed it. He's not a back stabber like poor Rooooobbbbieee. Cops asked me what I saw and heard; and I told them. I was dragged in for being a witness to a coward who can't man up to his mistakes. I'm not a liar who's gonna lie for one person (who I thought was a friend) to protect him from doing wrong to another friend. You made the mistake ; not me. And who else is throwing stones at glass. Working without insurance and not reporting income to avoid taxes. Lies to his sister (who helps him CONSTANTLY) that he can't pay his bills; but always has money for BOOZE . Talk about working under table; haha. Be careful who you deceive.
I was there Saturday and can't believe this drunken slob is still on the streets. Shame on the police for letting someone like this free. The Pub should be ashamed for letting this guy stumble in and out daily. Bob and Tracey are driving that place into the ground between this drunken slob and all of the drug deals... they won't last.
This guy is still at the Pub every day. I was there on Saturday and he was trashed again and driving! Can't believe he is not in jail! He must be a snitch or something to be free at this point and the pub must not care about sending a falling down drunk out on the streets daily. Hopefully no one gets hurt by this useless piece of drunken trash.

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