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Lehighton bank robbed; suspect identified

Published June 20. 2019 11:14AM

A man accused of robbing a bank on Route 443 Thursday morning was arrested about 10 minutes later, after police followed a transponder which was hidden among the cash.

Jody Lee Christman, 51, of Lehighton, was allegedly found with $1,320 in stolen cash and the GPS tracking device after police stopped his vehicle in Lehighton around 11:10 a.m.

The bank robbery occurred at 11 a.m. on Thursday.

A bank teller told police that a man came into the bank and handed her a handwritten note demanding money, as well as a shopping bag. The teller said she handed over all the money in the drawer and a hidden GPS tracker.

Mahoning Township and Lehighton Borough Police responded after the GPS tracker activated. They tracked the device from Route 443 to Bridge Street, where they stopped a silver Dodge Stratus. When the vehicle stopped moving, the GPS signal stopped moving as well.

Mahoning Police detained the driver, who they recognized as Christman, and found a large amount of money in the pocket of his sweatpants. 

Police then returned to the bank and reviewed surveillance footage. They said the footage clearly showed that Christman was the bank robber.

Officers counted the bills in the register and found it was short $1,320 -- the same amount found on Christman.

An employee of a nearby business told police that around the time of the robbery, a man matching the description in their parking lot using a newspaper to cover his license plate. 

When Police transported Christman to the station, he allegedly asked officers “how much time am I looking at”. Police read him his Miranda rights, and he requested an attorney. He then stated that times were tough and he can’t find a job.

Police charged Christman with robbery, theft, and receiving stolen property. He was sent to Carbon County Correctional Facility with bail set at $150,000.

A preliminary hearing on the charges was scheduled for July 3 before Magisterial District Judge Casimir T. Kosciolek.


That's pretty much common knowledge I thought. They have been doing that for years along with dye packs. Thankfully the crooks around here don't seem to have common knowledge.
I guess this guy missed Troglodyte trump's Florida campaign lie about how great the economy is now.
What kind of a nut job links a bank robbery 2,000+ miles away from a FL political rally? What kind of crazy fool blames everything on Phantom Deviant Republicans? The economy is great, the Dow is forecast to reach 30k soon. Unemployment is at record lows for Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans, Women & non-high school graduates. The list goes on and on, blah, blah, blah. You may deny it, but, you can no longer cover up the successes of President Trump. DO, you are mentally sick with Trump Derangement Syndrome. This site is for social discourse. Instead, you come on here and insult : America, President Trump and his family, the military, the Law Enforcement Officers, and God...just to name a few. DO, you are the laughingstock of the community. Keep it up. Get a mental intervention...soon.
Rambo - Why do you let this sociopath upset you? He obviously has behavioral and emotional issues, and has nothing better to do than hate. Better to just let him vent his silly nonsense.
For many months I observed countless rude vulgar insulting unprovoked posts by DO. I am just a normal patriotic citizen that tired of unchecked verbal bullying going on. I decided to do something about it. I remember an Eagle Scout getting insulted for creating a community dog park, for one. That is one example of many of DO being way out of line. I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. The purpose of this site is for social discourse. When someone like DO is nasty to others, people should take the time to oppose them. The best thing for a bully is a good sock in the nose. America and citizens deserve better than a constant barrage of insults from a sociopath. I am going to defend the weak by putting the cyber bully in his place. Apathy allows these dysfunctional insults to continue unbridled. I am going to stuff those insults right back down his throat. We are going to get DO to clean up his dirty act. You just wait and see.

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