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Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Tamaqua armed teacher policy

Published February 14. 2019 06:36PM


Tamaqua Area School District’s controversial policy to arm teachers is on hold as the district defends it in court.

This week the policy survived one of those legal challenges, pending appeals.

A Schuylkill County judge this week dismissed a challenge brought by the Tamaqua Area Education Association seeking to block the policy.

The judge issued his order on Monday. The union has 20 days to appeal the decision, according to published reports.

The school board suspended Policy 705 last month after two suits were filed.

The district teachers’ union says in a suit that state law already has a framework for putting armed security in schools, and further states that the lethal weapons training program can’t be used for government employees.

The other suit, brought by school district parents who are opposed to the policy, is still pending in Schuylkill County Court. That suit alleges that the board intentionally passed the policy in secret.

Neither suit sought monetary damages.

The board member who came up with Policy 705, Nick Boyle, has said the district does not have the money to pay to have police officers in the school, and that the Parkland Fla. school shooting showed that armed officers in school are not always effective.

Policy 705 allows teachers to volunteer to be trained to carry weapons in school during class time. Teachers would be trained under the state’s Lethal Weapons Training Program and be authorized to use force up to and including deadly force in situations where necessary, such as an active shooter.


There is no reason for a teachers union. Why do teachers of good faith continue to pay extortion, I mean Union Dues, when they no longer have to?
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that public sector union employees can choose not to pay union dues or fees. The union is over stepping their bounds here. Just a fine example of how they take your money (taxes) and turn your money against you. These unions are the single greatest obstacle to improving education in this country. Heck, they subscribe to seniority pay, job tenure (including layoffs based on seniority), inflexible work rules, and lack of productivity-based pay. Because of the union, it's impossible to fire bad teachers, and pay good teachers.
Union influence not only burdens taxpayers with unjustifiable and nontransparent expenses, but also inhibits important experiments in the delivery of essential public goods. In this situation, they inhibit sensible legislation for child safety... not their child yours. Kick these thug creeps out off town, and you good teachers? Stop paying the mob.
What a fountain of misinformation. You surely must have been or maybe will be a scab.
Dear Tamgrad,
I am a former member of the United Steel Workers (10 yrs). Before that I worked for Mack Trucks, 10 years UAW. Don't try and school me on unions. I also had time with Teamsters. You don't consider history when you spout your comments. My first concern with unions, are those of the Civil Service Jobs. Heck.. the AFL-CIO's first president, (1955 to 1979), George Meany and even that great proponent for unions, the great socialist, FDR, gave warning to these civil service unions. As for scabs? I am a self thinking man, and I do my own bidding. I take my advances on merit, not threat. Oh... I've stood up to great giants and I've won, because I serve a mighty God. You serve man, union, or you worship government... I don't know? Anyway, let me know how that works out for you.
I'd be willing to sit over a cup of coffee and discuss things, we might have much to learn from each other.
Peace Tammy
That is NOT what the order said. It was not dismissed with appeal rights. It was dismissed without prejudice (which means the dismissal is not permanent and allows the parties to refile or amend filings) giving the plaintiff time to amend their petition.

Maybe the reporters should learn the terms so they are not reporting false information
I have to agree with Mike as far as the teachers unions standing in the way of improving education, but our Federal Government is by far the Worst offender. Not long after they took over the public school system in this country it went to hell in a handbasket. As far as arming teachers, I’m not against it so long as they prove responsible and proficient with said firearms. As it stands now, a shooter has all the time in the world before an armed police officer reaches the threat, so I say it would serve as a deterrent if nothing else. No teacher wants to shoot anyone, but they may serve as the last line of defense one day. It’s a sad situation we have with schools these days...
I think decisions on education should remain as local as possible. I can only hope that Nancy Devos will begin to shut down the DOE, or at least, reel it in. No more common core.
When I think about the demise of our public education and what brought it about, I always conclude to that famous observation... "A vacuum is filled, as it is created"
They removed God, but the progressives quickly filled the void. Oddly, progressivism has assumed the form of an institutionalized religion. But they insist on a separation... no church. How's that working out?

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