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How can we choose?

Published April 20. 2019 06:06AM

So the primaries for the school board elections are coming up again, and my question is, how can we really make a decision?

There are two sides, and that is it. No one that is neutral. Wouldn’t it make sense if we had a few candidates who were only choosing the side of the students, let alone the community.

You have one side that claims they are “pro-education” then you see their Facebook posts and pages. A page set up to call one person a ringmaster of a circus and has constant posts making fun of that person, and the people that support him, that is just one of many.

Then the other side, who likes to “call out” board members during the meetings and other times and make a mockery of the whole meeting system. Despite what either side claims, neither are “pro-education or “pro-community.” Neither side has truly asked the community how they feel about something, or for that matter listened to the community.

I was not born and raised here as most people in this area were. Instead I moved to this community because of the educational system. The thing is I can still say Lehighton has a great educational system. There are teachers who day in and day out pour their hearts in to their lessons and truly care about their students. There are staff who put the students in front of everything, and it shows. However, this “division of sides” has shed some light on some of the staffs’ true colors.

The sad truth is there needs to be some sort of compromise. The school board is the worst example for our students right now. It supports cliques, bullying and truly teaches them the wrong way to go about things. For those of you running for school board, all of you, not just one side or the other, we teach our children from kindergarten on to be B.R.A.V.E. (be safe, respectful, attentive, very responsible and exceptional). Can any of you honestly say you follow this code?

If you think yes, ask others, not just those around you, but pull a random parent that you normally don’t talk to and ask them, ask multiple parents. Don’t get mad at the answer, but use it as a learning experience. It is easier to get defensive than listen. It is easier to get mad rather than try to change. Stick by your morals, but make sure you are truly doing it for the right reasons, the kids. Not just your personal or political agenda!

Jason R. Baker


There's much to the government school system that supports bullying and truly teaches the wrong way to go about things.
Take for instance, the Board decides to independently, reject a union contract? The solidarity of a teachers strike exemplifies bullying, disrespect, selfishness, disregard, and mostly, demonstrates proper behavior of a socialist.
Look at the way they get money? Extortion! Pay up property owner... or loose your home.
Consider fairness... Many studies have been done that show competition increases quality, when it comes to education, but PA Government School System discourages competition. Is that fair?
Regardless of this, there are exceptions... exceptional teachers mentoring exceptional students.
Good could be Better.
So, not wanting to take it up the ass from some Deviant Republican school board member, who has zero knowledge of education, is bullying?
You knuckle dragging conservatives really are a bunch of fags.
DO, once again you make a public jerk of yourself. You are rude, condescending and vulgar. You have no standards at all. You are a low intellect cyber bully. Weren’t you thrown off of here before for your vulgar posts? You insult Republicans again and again. You are the laughingstock of the TN area. Clean up your dirty act. You hate Republicans, you hate the military, you hate America, and you hate President Trump. For your hatred you can go to hell.

Good afternoon. All agree to a point, but even you probably have to concede that lawful meetings and politicians that honor their Oath need to come first.

There is no compromise when it comes to a government's lawful compliance or for those elected to Honor their Oath.

It is may appear ugly, but without lawfulness the children suffer. They also suffer when those that act above the law consume district educational funds to seek immunity, show favoritism to relatives, and rubber stamp those they were elected to oversee.

Why fight a Sunshine violation with attorneys when an apology is free?

The incumbents fight to maintain power, those that silence us need to be kicked firmly to the curb.

The bulk of the controversy are related to the good old boys system. Past battles were lost to intimidation. Zimmerman, Resh, Arner, Dwyer. We know, and exercise our rights.

Only now that we have a martyred dead horse in the race for them to beat without remorse do we have a chance for true reform. As we stand strong, we see the positive changes. Transparency and lawful governance is here. Fear is being removed, people are providing the inside information needed for reform, the regime is crumbling.

Censured, rebuked, silenced, reprimanded, sanctioned, but the idea of a government of, by and for the people with truthful blunt representation will never be silenced.

They beat upon the broken record of moral truths, these ideas, carried by those with character and perseverance can not be silenced.

The people have seen the light and it shine on the exposed rubber stampers with their blind trust. The echoes for fairness, equal justice under the law sing a resounding chorus throughout the community.

There should be no compromise to the law.

No one should be asked to acquiesce, cower or surrender to these bullies. Those five voting in a block of power, illegally using educational funds to silence a community need to be voted out.

The government should protect the students, and the people. Equal justice under the law requires a rebellious spirit when opposed by a corrupt system. When those with authority grind at those promoting transparency, they only sharpen our resolve.

First transparency, then reform, and freedom follows. Use you voice, vote out all the stagnant rubber stamping incumbents.

Chose the children this election. Anyone that is new will do.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
I, personally got involved and decided to run, to help give the community a voice in their school system and to provide the best education possible for the students while protecting their rights. The more meetings I attend and the more I see and hear the more my resolve strengthens. Discounting an idea or solution just because you do not like the person who brought it to the table is childish and ignorant. If you cannot leave your personal feelings at the door when you walk in to do your job as Director, then you do not belong on the board. Voting yes on any motion without discussion if there are questions on that same motion is not good stewardship. You mention 2 "sides". But I disagree with that concept. What we need here is to build a bridge that can connect the current two sides and make the best possible decision for the students, parents, teachers AND the community. I, and the team with which I am running hope to become that bridge connecting the existing sides through communication, compromise, and common sense. Running an honest, lawful, open district is not unattainable. We just need the right people working at it to get it accomplished. And doing just that will be beneficial to all.
Barb in reply to your 2 sides, how can it not be seen that way. On signage, facebook posts and everywhere the names of people running are either listed with one group or the other. If anyone running did not want to be associated as "2 sides" then they would not have their name associated with either group, correct? I still feel that is a very valid statement I made. I am not arguing with you, or saying one side is right or wrong, but if someone states there are no 2 sides and they are more of an independent they would not have their names associated with a certain group. However my question is for the people associated with the school board (either currently on or running). Both state they are for the teachers, students, and community, but answer me this. The PTO is a huge factor in 2 out of the 3 school buildings. They do SO much for the students, they provide for field trips, they provide for special events, and in some cases they provide the teachers with funding for supplies that cannot be afforded by the district. When is the last time any one of you have volunteered at a fundraising event? How many meeting have you attended? (As for the meetings please know I am stating this as sitting listening and contributing, not there to interrupt and cause an extra distraction.) When have you been there to help when these great organizations (who are only there to HELP the students and teachers), and if you were there was it only because it was an election year. I am not saying you haven't but just asking. Granted this is just one example, there are plenty of booster clubs and others that need these volunteers as well, I just mention the PTO's because they benefit all students. I would love to hear more on what the candidates have done to support the schools as well as their plans. Again I am not trying to single you out Barb or you either Mr. Bradley, I am just asking because both of your replied. Thank you

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