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Concerns about building project

Published April 27. 2019 05:25AM

The world stands agape at the unimaginable damage to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Scrambling to salvage precious artifacts and priceless stained glass windows, the tragedy united everyone in the effort to preserve history and save what can never be replaced. In Jim Thorpe, residents stand agape at the unimaginable damage the county’s Susquehanna Street building plan threatens to cause St. Mark’s Church.

With the primary election looming, Carbon County commissioners now claim to have “heard the concerns” of voters. They are hearing the concerns, all right! All the way from Philadelphia! Commissioner Gerhard tells constituents construction contracts have been canceled because they have “heard voters’ concerns,” claiming a plan to look elsewhere to build the $16 million office for 20 employees.

The truth is the commissioners have no intention of looking elsewhere. They have no interest in even listening to concerns on the matter. Citizens have been declared “redundant,” silenced and told to sit down during commission meetings when they voiced concerns. In reality, what has stalled the building project is a lawsuit by concerned citizens scrambling to save St. Mark’s Church, attempting to preserve history, and save what can never be replaced.

Thousands have signed the petition to Stop the Susquehanna Street Project, made donations to Save Our Church & Town, or held fundraisers for opposition efforts. Undeterred, Commissioners Nothstein, Gerhard and O’Gurek have every intention of building on Susquehanna Street, as planned. So much for hearing the concerns of voters! Vote May 21.

Anne Giles

Saint Petersburg, Florida

Comparing JT's St. Mark's Church to Notre Dame Cathedral is like comparing a Roman candle to a Supernova. Get a life.

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