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N. Lehigh appoints secondary assistant principal

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    David Hauser has been appointed as secondary assistant principal in the Northern Lehigh School District. Visit for a video. TERRY AHNER/TIMES NEWS

Published July 16. 2019 12:47PM


A Lehighton Area School District administrator has been tabbed as secondary assistant principal in the Northern Lehigh School District.

At a special meeting on Monday, the school board, on an 8-0 vote with Director Gale Husack absent, appointed David Hauser to the post at a salary of $88,000, prorated for the 2019-20 school year, effective on or about Aug. 30.

A 2001 graduate of the district, Hauser will split his time between the high school and middle school.

Hauser thanked the board for his appointment, and said he’s grateful to be able to return to his roots.

“It’s a little bit surreal for me,” Hauser said. “I’m looking forward to working hard.”

Hauser will replace Assistant High School Principal Tanya Simms after the board last month accepted her resignation, effective Aug. 16.

Simms was appointed as high school assistant principal in May 2013 at a salary of $80,000, effective Aug. 1 of that year.

She began employment with the district in August 2004 as a health and physical education teacher.

Link said Simms resigned to pursue endeavors outside of public education.

Hauser currently serves as assistant principal at Lehighton Area High School, a position he has held since August 2017 when he was hired at a salary of $72,000 to replace Jennifer Evans, who was hired in July 2017 as Lehighton Area Middle School principal. Before that, he was an English teacher at the high school.

Hauser said, this is my hometown.

“I’m very excited to come back to my roots,” he said. “That was the biggest draw.”

In addition, Hauser said the district’s stature also played a huge role in his decision.

“The reputation of the administrative team and teaching staff was very positive,” he said. “Northern Lehigh is doing some good things, and I wanted to be a part of that.”

Hauser said he believes his skill set will serve him well in his new capacity.

“I pride myself on working very hard,” he said. “I was raised that whatever you want out of life, you work for it.”

Hauser discussed some of the goals he has set for himself once he starts his new position.

“I want the kids to like school, and I want them to like being here,” he said. “I want them to know the school is here to support them, and get them to learn; I want them to find their niche and get them to be successful.”

Hauser said he also looks forward to getting reacquainted with the Northern Lehigh area.

“The first priority is getting to learn the community as well as I did 20 years ago,” he said. “I love this area; it’s very near and dear to my heart.”

Above all else, Hauser said he wants to “let the students and parents know that I’m here for them.

“I want to get to know as many kids as I possibly can, guide them, teach them, mentor them,” he said. “I am here to do that.”



Good afternoon. It is in the public interest, therefore news.

As transparency continues to come to the Lehighton district, many staff changes will occur. As you learn to watch the volume of news, the staff changes, and the names and reasons a clear picture will form from the mosaic. Very interesting to the public indeed.

As the transparency reveals just how unsustainable the budget this majority board passed, more and more will see the light. (Yenser, Stern, Spinelli, Holland, Wentz). Maybe even the five. Imagine if the LASD board would have just listened to, reviewed, and passed the balanced budget with the tax decrease, the support staff pay increases, and a fiscally responsible plan, a sustainable plan.

It is my opinion we will see many staff members leave, we will see many staff changes and many reassignments. Lots of people will jockey for the remaining positions, and many positions will be found to be not filled.

Also, take special notice to that number of positions that will not be filled, these positions will be left completely vacant, as if they never existed. BTW, the Auditor General is doing an audit on the district. This budget the government chose, the five (Yenser, Stern, Spinelli, Wentz, Holland) is very heavy and sinking the ship. They added about 10% to the budget in one year, how is that sustainable? The insiders knew this district was very heavy in certain areas. Be patient, transparency always wins.

This district has many things that are almost at the point of being a wild statistical anomaly.
The government's voting records, the immunity pleas, the campaign funding and the voter turnout for the hometown team running the tax and spend agenda. A mosaic of really cool circumstances.

So, CCOL, keep a tuned eye, and all these stories will make for a clearer picture. Or, go back 6,7,8,9 and even 10 years and reread the Feasibility Study, and review all concerned taxpayer's group letters to the editor, and predictions. Amazingly accurate.

The enrollment is down, not up as stated in the study (both of them), interest rates on our bonds are going up and not remaining steady, the PSERS funding at the local level is growing, the student to staff ratio is increasing, the bus commute times are increasing, the electric bills - water bills are all increasing and being paid to the Lehighton Borough's rates. The debt and liabilities will hit about $170M and the local taxpayers will all be on the hook. The State doesn't pay for miss management, nor does the Feds. This town owns the mistakes of our government run by people from about 10 years forward. From cash flush, low taxes, to debt ridden mess. A legacy of debt.
Bowman, Krause, Finnegan, Ruch, Rocky Arner, Resh, Stern, Wentz, Holland, Yenser all failed to give this town an official referendum vote BEFORE they placed their votes in this government. In America, governments are supposed to be of, by and for the people.

I trust all our Tribe is very happy to see Houser go to a location he choose. He had so many supportive students, I am sure they are all happy to see him leave to a place he decided to go.
Personally, I wish him well and the new school well. I am also very happy for him to go to his new career, his son and mine were in the same scout group.


Citizen David F. Bradley, Sr.

How dare you bring children into your misguided comments and this conversation. What a evil, vile and petty person you are. This is the same type of obnoxious reasoning your mentor, Donald Trump, embraces. What has this country become in the last several years, what we need is a dose of common sense and some STRONG legal action resulting is prison time.....

Thanks and good luck.
Citizen Bradley

It is really too bad that you were born too late and could not be part of Senator Joseph McCarthy's team- the HUAC- you would have fit in well. Your entire career as a school board member has been based on controversy, hate, and a highly stylized sense of self-importance.

Your comments about Mr. Hauser are an absolute disgrace. You wish him well? Are you out of your mind? Your veiled attempt and well-wishing is pathetic. Only a moronic, Kool-Aid drinker would believe that nonsense. You did nothing but harass and harangue him since you were voted into office. Believe me- many people regret that decision.

Why are you mentioning his son??? Has your obsession with him reached to the depths of speaking about his family?

Citizen Bradley,
Complaints have been made to the editor about when news stories are posted, how some news is not covered, as well as how this newspaper slants stories. In response I was told that the Times News is short staffed and are very busy, yet they have enough resources to write an almost 500 word story about someone changing jobs. Something is amiss at the Times News.
It is a small town, the fact our children were in scouts together is a minor detail. Try reading the rest, I would love to hear your insights.

The well orchestrated party line was easily recognized as such, and appreciated. However, for our government to be apparently asking others to reinforce the victim card is comical for most onlookers. No arguments here, happy to see him go to his new chosen opportunity.

The review and judgements of every action of government and their appointees are a civic responsibility. Government is one area where everyone should have a voice and even the people in glass houses are welcome to the conversation. Please reply to the rest of the post now that you are engaged. Please share your insights on the budget, potential district insolvency, tax increases, governmental lies, or not. Sticking to the montra and demonizing the truth tellers would only work for oppressors against the weak. Not the case in Lehighton anymore, we are tired of being silenced, lied to, and oppressed. November is only a few months away.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
So your man-fetish with Mr. Hauser is now complete, you are angry because he gets more press than your right-wing extremist views and diatribe. The primaries already decided the right-wing extremist fate in regard to the school board - we are tired of the lies and false accusations the RWE continue to make, now bringing children into the mix. You are pathetic.
The facts are clear. The children are the primary focus, and not the staff benefits package. Buildings don't teach students, teachers do. Tests are there to confirm student progress, not evaluate the teachers. The SAT are better than the Keystones. Transparency is not just a weapon against evil, it is a disinfectant preventing evil.

The staff are hired to evaluate, educate, and create a learning environment. The board is there to ensure that happens, efficiently.

You lost your way when you and your family make it an adversarial relationship. Staff vs. Taxpayers, it is not. Power and control vs. American individualism, it is not.

Budget shortfalls, declining enrollments trends, lower graduation rates, Keystones, teaching to the test instead if teaching students are fundamental ideologies we need to change for the better in PA. Follow the money, but, hold government accountable through lawful transparency of their actions.

Ending drug use problems through sharing opportunities and helping our youth 'find a better hobby'. It is not about making drug enforcement a war of cat and mouse.
In impoverished areas we need better short term opportunities and long term visions. Kids excited about a real future are just too busy to make their career doing drugs. Investing in youth is about giving them the opportunity to develop functioning skills, not just money. When 'stop and mentor' takes the place of 'stop and frisks' the attitude of students chanves. It elevates a community, elevates the family dynamic, and pride for all the students is obtained not just the 'elites'

Look at the decisions of the students in the district. Why are only some of the students getting a 2 year college degree upon graduation instead of all? Why are some families youth employed, entering the military or seeking college upon graduation and not all? What are the numbers now, and what actions did we take, and did they work. Are next years numbers better or worse? To ignore the results is to abandon the reponsibility to hold government accountable.

These are the grades the community uses to test the effectiveness of our board. And yet without transparency, these metrics are lost to people like you fighting, for your specific son, or your family's success against a system rigged as such.

The solution is to fix government and hold government accountable. By transparently testing government's actions we all win. That is my vision.

I care to measure, prove and verify the results to the public's satisfaction. The goal is to confirm that every student is capable of developing an employable skill that the student is motivated to do.

You and your right wing, left wing BS, miss the big picture. Get behind something positive, get behind the students, get behind transparency. Transparency is not just a weapon against evil, but acts as a disinfectant preventing evil.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
A theatrical plea for your attention:

I knew an old town
That swallowed a lie
I don't know why
They swallowed the lie

I guess they will cry

I knew an old town
That floated a bond
They floated the bond
To fix the lie
I don't know why
They swallowed that lie

I know they will cry

I know and old town
That built a new school 
They thought it be cool to build a new school.

They built a new school
To consume the funds
They borrowed the funds to
Cover the lie
The created a lie I don't know why, but this town has begun to cry.

Debt piled high to cover the lie,  

Upon our children and upto the sky.

This board keeps spending without a clue, the predictions of pain all came true.

Thank you for reading this far. Theatrics garner attention and sometimes we all need a good poem to open the conversations.

They started with a lie, and hid the truth. Transparency is coming, but slowly as they are blaming me and the other guy. I created a balanced budget with a slight tax decrease, it meets all the State requirements for this government be solvent. 

Now, for the blunt truth. If we look at the district as a government of, by and for the people, we can meet the educational requirements without going insolvent. The path they are on is riddled with despair. A government can't actually go bankrupt, since they have taxpayers to pay for all their mistakes. The bond documents show these rubber-stampers were fools with our money. They pledged the full taxing authority of the government to the bond holders. The interest rates are escalating and the PSERS are crushing most about every district.

Purveyors of a peaceful reform we ask for their apology and resignation.
Let the wiser heads transparently make decisions with community oversight and approval. Together we can reform this back to a government of, by and for the people again. Rigid principles, and moral guidelines can navigate us to a sustainable community.  The system is set up that the taxpayers control the board, the board controls the administration and the administration handles the day to day. 

We have a real budget, with a slight tax decrease, but can not move forward while the government is controlled by these rubber stampers. The five that make up government gave their blind trust to the administration. They are blocking reforms with their block votes. Evil or stupid, the facts are the facts. And I say evil since we warned them repeatedly with facts upon facts. 

Talk to your neighbors, talk to your friends. Unsustainable consumption is a hard for the corrupt to correct. However, it is easy for those with character willing to serve the public. 

Contact me at
I welcome your input.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.

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