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Beltzville beach closed to swimming

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Published July 10. 2019 12:00PM


The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources closed the beach at Beltzville State Park in Carbon County to swimming effective Wednesday morning, because of high bacterial counts in a water sample from July 8.

The beach will remain closed as a precaution until acceptable water sample results are received.

Other activities at Beltzville State Park, such as picnicking, fishing, boating and hiking, are proceeding as usual.

DCNR has posted signs at the beach.


Now why do the geese make a mess only on a holiday weekend? Did those people in the water read the sign or no speak a da English?
I am a registered Democrat but the socialist democrats want open borders giving free healthcare to aliens. This magnet is attracting hoards of illegals and we pay the price They are defecating in the lakes as they do in their homeland.
I bailed out of the Socialist Democrat Party to side with Perot, and have not voted for a single Democrat since.
Now back to the "beach"... Isn't it a sanctuary lake?
Wait... fecal count?
Year in and out, total ineptness from DCNR Management. Some of these people make over 100k yet could not solve the simplest of problems. Wolf, you and your staff need to get smart with out parks and environment.
PS: It says "no swimming" yet there ARE people in the water. Can't they read or don;t they care or is DCNR spineless?
Does the word, "entitlement" ring a bell? The implementation of the Philadelphia plan (black reparations), which granted preferences of various kinds were extended to women, Hispanics, and other groups. You can not impose the law of the land to these entitled ones. The DCNR is in step.
Look up the Philadelphia Plan, another great piece of legislation brought to you by the Socialist Democrats. How will you vote in November? How will you vote in 2020?
Very simple, in county residents, free access to the park. Out of county residents, $50 per person to access the park. Bet the bacteria levels drop dramatically and maybe the locals can actually go there.
You couple this debacle with the incompetent decision making at Glen and Onoko and you wonder if nepotism and cronyism and favoritism are in high gear at DCNR. I’m frustrated that one DCNR manager basically Beltzville is a good problem to have. Really, how about you living here? They don’t even follow and exceed their own rules for park attendance, and they say it is a good problem to have. Nails on a chalkboard to me. That was so insulting and stupid it made my skin crawl. I’m hoping the Feds are watching the way Wolf is screwing up our environment and potentially threatening human health, not to mention insulting us. I hope the Feds step in and investigate and provide oversight to DCNR because the agency has run amuck. Polluted water can contain brain eating amebas so some locals are afraid to utilize their precious park, which we pay for, of which we also be good DCNR salaries to be STUPID, non empathic and dismissive.
"I hope the Feds step in..."
No, you don't want the feds involved. Reagan said it, I'll post it...
"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'
The feds will do unimaginable things, it's just the way they are. The feds are the reason these...
Never Mind.
Why don't we just put up signs that say "No foreigners allowed on the beach"?

Why aren't you people complaining about the mining operations and how it has poisoned the rivers. I think that is a MUCH bigger issue. Have you checked the cancer rates in this area??
The comments people make on here. Makes me wonder. Whole lot of stupid and whole lot of ignorant.
That time of year again. Same old shit in the water. Same old nothing being done about it. Eliminate the source by charging admission. Keep the garbage in the cities.

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