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The American oligarchy

Published June 15. 2019 06:38AM

Oligarchy means rule or control by a few. Our country has been under the control of an oligarchy for about 90 years.

I say this because I believe our government and all of its factions like IRS, EPA and the investigative agencies have been controlled by “The Establishment”.

The establishment consists of the good-ole boys of both the Democratic and Republican political machines of long standing.

They have played in the playground of the Washington Merry-Go-Round and the See-Saw. They go round and round an up and down to the tune of your turn and my turn. The Democrat machine has long been “big brother” to the Republican “little sister.”

Slowly as little sister collaborates with big brother, the country has moved closer and closer to socialism. They have used the tactics of other Marxist, Fascist and Maoist ideologies. They are the propaganda inserted into education, discrimination, economic, environmental, religious and political issues. America is no longer the melting pot. It has become the centrifuge.

The oligarchy has used its control of various agencies to hammer down and crush anyone and anything that it sees as a threat to its control. The Establishments, that is, the oligarchy, sees this president, Donald Trump, as a major threat to its supremacy.

He has rocked their boat, interrupted their line of succession. It was to be another connected Bush or Clinton controlled by the oligarchic machine. Unexpectedly, along comes this renegade who calls them out for what they are - the SWAMP. Actually he was far too nice for they are more rightly called the “Washington Cesspool.”

The current tactics against the interloper would have made the KGB proud.

This day I heard Robert Mueller give his thinly veiled and highly political speech. In it, he suggested facts that he and his super Democrat henchmen could not find. What next? Mueller for President on the Democrat ticket?

Nos Drovia Comrades!

Walt Fagan

Jim Thorpe

Nice essay Mr. Fagan. You touch upon some very interesting points. You address the difficulty in “draining the swamp.” People have stood by watching things get worse, either not wanting to get involved or not realizing the deterioration of our great country. After a generation of deterioration many can’t even distinguish good from bad, let alone restore the good. Along comes Donald Trump. Once a Democrat, elected as a Republican, wealthy beyond any temptation of corruption, never before holding elected office, author of “the Art of the Deal” bestseller on negotiations, businessman & public speaker extraordinaire, sound in economic/business theory, sound in military/national understanding, etc, all packaged in a tough NYC builder core. President Trump is developing into the President Lincoln of our era. All in spite of haters and deniers that don’t want years of corruption to be unmasked. America is great. Thank you President Trump for what you are achieving. Deniers can no longer hide growing accomplishments on all fronts. The once believed invincible oligarchy is being destroyed before our very eyes. The Democrats and Never Trumpers have become the unhelpful enemies of our time. Stand back and watch as President Trump beats them all...alone. MAGA! America is Great. Come on Joe...policies are all around you. Open your biased eyes.

"Wealthy beyond any temptation of corruption" ... are you serious? Wealthy because of the thousands of workers in New Jersey whom he refused to pay for building his casino? Wealthy because he has been openly hiring undocumented immigrants for years? Wealthy because his businesses go belly-up so often that he has had to declare bankruptcy four times? So wealthy that New York State has shut down his Foundation because of misuse of charitable monies? So wealthy that not a single US financial institution will loan him money? - That Trump?
Joe, here we are again. How is it that you are fully unable to notice a single accomplishment of President Trump? How is it that you are able to easily find any perceived negative? You, Joe are rendered intellectually useless by your five alarm Trump Derangement Syndrome. Of course, no human being is perfect. You are an example of that as you have a flaw that renders you blind to any Trump achievement. You might not notice, but, many do notice. This is why +30K show up to a Trump Rally anywhere in America. The accomplishments of President Trump are getting harder to cover up. Again and again you avoid the truth. If you were intellectually honest you would easily credit the good along with the bad. Wise up Joe. Don’t continue to be a fraud to yourself. Trump is doing great. Trump 2020. The Clinton Organization is a criminal enterprise. I could give a 10/1 list directly from “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweitzer if you have the courage to read.
What does his shady business dealings have to do with how he's been able to turn things around? Is his past worthy of stopping his progress?
MAGA 2020
Joe once again you serve as a fraud to yourself. Denial of facts may alter your perspective of reality, but, reality remains unchanged. “Let us never hear another word about Hillary...” you state as your favorite tactic of ignoring facts you do not want to hear. You want to divide with your Trump Derangement Syndrome that is unbridled. How about the tariffs with Mexico? You easily overlook Trump’s successes. Why is that Joe? The economy is awesome. Everyone sees you are wrong. Tomorrow 100k people are going to the FL Trump Rally. In contrast,on Sunday the “Impeach Trump” fests at 160+ places sponsored by had at most 50 people. Those events weren’t even covered by the media. It would have embarrassed them, that is why they were not covered. You Trump haters can’t even give credit weeks after problems are solved. Keep it up.
Her past? Need I remind you? Her whole life has been and continues to be in politics. The charges against her have not yet been addressed. A big difference between Hillary and Donald.
Racism on the rise? What is racism, and how can it rise? Racial polarization in our politics have been steadily growing, but racism is a word being thrown around to create division. That division grew, and they blame it on racism. This division was ramped up by Democrats during the Obama years. Sad.
Rosypalm, “wealthy beyond any temptation of corruption” refers to how politics historically work. Politicians are given money by lobbyists (usually retired politicians) that all of a sudden change their long held stance on something to favor the company that just wrote them a check. Surprise, surprise. Trump is not beholden to any lobbyist. President Trump is the wealthiest one to ever be President. Trump is independent of any influence. Let us use Hillary Clinton as an example of corruption, shall we? Hillary sold her Presidency “on the come” when she was Secretary of State. Reference the book “Clinton Cash”. Hillary sold Uranium rights to a Canadien company that transferred those rights to Russia. Uranium One was the name of the company. We need a book to cover the corruption of the Clintons, just to get an idea. The Clinton Global Initiative had an estimated $2.2 Billion in an indispensable charity that was suddenly shut down soon after Hillary unexpectedly lost the Presidency. Why was that? Next, let us discuss Joe and Hunter Biden and their deals in China and the Ukraine. These two examples of corruption for cash will shortly be proven to be the worst in American history. Now, on to your examples. It is funny how when Trump was a Democrat none of this stuff was even mentioned over 40+ years. I can not defend all of what you allege. If you are in business long enough you are sure to develop enemies. There are always two sides to every story. I look forward to see a “fair analysis”. I always heard that Trump bought the ACY casino after it was already built by someone else. ACY was sure happy when he invested in the area. I am not sure when you were there last, but, just a few blocks from the casinos you were in a bad crime area. Crime was one reason that the casinos went bankrupt. Also, some businesses that Trump invested in were about to go bankrupt anyway and he was a last ditch attempt to save. I think “The Art Of The Deal” addresses this in detail. I am not here to defend Trump’s past business accomplishments. However, I am pleased with his unassailable accomplishments so far as President. America is great! MAGA! Compare Trump to the Clintons and the Bidens if you want a fair analysis.
Joe, you state, “help me get it now.” I have given you countless sources that you repeatedly ignore. You dismiss valid sources as Trump surrogates. Again and again and again you bleat for facts that you readily dismiss. You have to open your eyes if you ever have any sincere desire to “get it.” Drop the hatred, prejudice, and rage.
Oh yes, Hillary sold uranium. Are you an idiot? Do you not know that specious claim has been totally disproven as typical "conservative" conspiracy theory? Clinton Global Initiative shut down? Not as of this morning - but Trump's foundation still is - and has actual charges filed against it.

"Clinton Cash" is/was fake news. If you use it as the source for your arguments, you have forgotten that your source needs to have verifiable facts. Trump's horrid treatment of employees and creditors was well-known before the election.

Based on publicly available verified information, I would not let Donald Trump within a mile of my daughter, I sure would never entertain the idea of loaning him or any of his enterprises one red cent, and under no circumstances would I permit him to enter my home - or even sell doughnuts at the neighborhood swimming pool. This is the man you proclaim as hero.

He is a liar and a proven con man. Someday you will see how you are being used.

And before you respond with the "What about Hillary blah blah blah" or "What about Obama blah blah blah" be sure to provide verifiable information. The charges, who filed them, in which jurisdiction, whether or not the charges have been laughed off, and what convictions have been determined.

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