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Franklin paves way for new hospital

Published May 22. 2018 05:41AM

Franklin Township approved an ordinance that may clear the way for a new hospital building during Monday’s special meeting.

“It’s just opening up the zoning so it includes health care, because we have nothing in there right now that says they can put something like that there,” chairman Jason Frey said.

Representatives from St. Luke’s recently presented a basic sketch of a prospective health care center to Franklin’s planning commission, though no other documents have been submitted.

The supervisors said that a similar ordinance was to be added to the zoning code in the near future, but they decided to pass the overlay ahead of time in case St. Luke’s, or any other health care facility, wishes to begin construction any sooner.

“We’re redoing our zoning right now, and that was going to be put in there, but they just wanted to move forward before we get to that point. It may take us eight or nine months yet before we update our zoning,” vice chairman Robin Cressley said.

Frey said that the ordinance will allow for the construction of health care facilities on plots of land measuring at least 30 acres within the township.

“This actually comes out of West Brunswick Township in Schuylkill County. That’s the basis for it, and I reviewed it and somewhat modified it,” solicitor William Schwab said.

In addition to providing jobs and easy access to emergency medical care, the establishment of a health care facility could also increase property values in the area. Frey said that this a particularly attractive benefit, as the township will lose its elementary school soon, which could adversely affect residents’ property values.

Though no one made any comment on the matter at the special meeting, Frey said that he has heard overwhelmingly positive responses from people in the township in regard to a new hospital.

“I believe it means good things. Hopefully, they’ll decide to build in our township. We’re trying to be business-friendly and do exactly what they ask so we can get that in the township,” Frey said.


Ok just for laughs, I looked at the post you wanted me look at. References page 25 of the IFO report saying:

The elimination of property taxes would significantly reduce the property tax share and would clearly increase the attractiveness of the Commonwealth for business location and expansion.” (Page 25) (Expansion of existing businesses and attracting new businesses to the Commonwealth will generate jobs for Pennsylvanians.)

Hmm looked at pg 25 and it doesn’t say any of this. What gives?
I’ve tried to raise issues with you specific to the bill based on the IFO report and other sources in a very constructive way. If you can disprove please do. Don’t just attack because you question motive. Yes I have financial interest, so that is settled.
For official government business, my contacts are as follows:


Lehighton Area School District
Director David F. Bradley, Sr.
Personal and Confidential
1000 Union Street
Lehighton, Pa 18235

Official district related correspondences sent to any other location will be rejected.
All district business emails are obtainable through an open records request.

All remaining emails holders signed a document allowing their emails to be monitored by the adminstration, therefore, I would not considered them private.

If you rationally or irrationally fear or perceive there are risks of retaliation against you, your children, or relatives working in the district, I suggest you seek a more private means of communication.

All voices are valued. The PA School Code of our government schools, reference your rights to transparency. Honor the veterans that provided these rights by exercising them. Ensure they remain with us for future generations by sharing the knowledge of your rights with others.


Citizen David F. Bradley, Sr.
Lehighton School District is run by idiots! Go build a few more new schools and turf field athletic fields and wonder why property taxes are out of control. Lehighton School Board are a bunch of morons with no knowledge of basic math and knowledge of what the working class tax payers actually make in income here. You cant afford the taxes if you work in Lehighton.
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Pretty short sighted people on here complaining how this mega-hospital is going to make their taxes go up because its non-profit. That's a very uneducated Carbon County thing to say. How can adding the largest hospital to area be a bad thing? 1. We will have access to better emergency services. 2. What kind of development will this bring to that area of Route 209 near this hospital? I'm thinking near Country Inn will become new booming business district of Lehighton. There needs to be closer restaurants to that area for workers to eat. 3. This might expedite development around the Turn Pike and make it a full service exit. This added development will expand the tax base greater than the empty land is paying now. Why are people in this area such idiots and close minded to change. You wanted new multi-million dollar schools in need the business base to support it
I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around Hospitals, Healthcare, and Health Insurance in general. Everybody I know that works in a hospital tells me there are monthly meetings regarding the Hospital sinking financially. Maybe it's just the employees at Lehighton and Palmerton hospitals. It's been my understanding St. Lukes isn't sending any different message. Maybe if you work there you can help to correct my impression. I believe Palmerton is closed now except for the emergency room.

My take is Insurance companies do NOT want to pay hospitals. I'm guessing very few people are actually paying cash for medical bills. If I have that right then that has to SUCK!!!!!!

The maintenance workers, Nurse Aides, Practical Nurses, and especially the Registered Nurses are all being required to do a lot more with less. Maybe not being required in a formal on paper way, but by the facility not completing staffing requirements. It's only what I gather from hearing them talk.

I own a small business and have several employees - all professionals. I'm very proud of each of them and I'm fully aware that their hard work and dedication to performing to the best of their abilities reflects directly on me. If we worked for a client that got a little sideways or weird about paying I'd be all over that and probably look to divest in that client. Then again it's only me running the show and like I said I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the health care industry. Further I couldn't imagine having to tell my employees look all my ships are sinking. I'm guessing that would destroy morale. As the person they look to for leadership that would be tough.

Hey Do you all remember a few years ago the Times News articles about the 5 Pillars of success and how the Lehighton and Palmerton campuses were being brought back from extinction? Wasn't it like a series or something?
These medical networks are buying up all of the local businesses and turning our little towns into medical industry campuses......
So just to understand, you actually asked for higher property taxes under some misguided notion that the school district needs MORE of your hard earned money and that money has a direct correlation with the level of learning...
Explain that correlation logically.
Keep in mind I am aware of expenditures in school districts
This new facility is being built on 30 acres of land. To put this into perspective, the World Trade Center in New York City sits on 14.6 acres. One more thing, any moron that advocates that residents be happy about paying higher taxes either has a government job or works for the school district. LASD is a disaster that put a small town of 3000 people into more than 100 million plus of debt - with a few million vanishing into thin air in the budget. The State needs to investigate.

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