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Trump moves to escalate investigation of intel agencies

Published May 24. 2019 12:46PM

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump has directed the U.S. intelligence community to “quickly and fully cooperate” with Attorney General William Barr’s investigation of the origins of the multiyear probe of whether his 2016 campaign colluded with Russia.

The move Thursday marked an escalation in Trump’s efforts to “investigate the investigators,” as he continues to try to undermine the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe amid mounting Democratic calls to bring impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement that Trump is delegating to Barr the “full and complete authority” to declassify documents relating to the probe, which would ease his efforts to review the sensitive intelligence underpinnings of the investigation. Such a move could create fresh tensions within the FBI and other intelligence agencies, which have historically resisted such demands.

Barr has already asked John Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut, to examine the origins of the Russia investigation to determine whether intelligence and surveillance methods used during the probe were lawful and appropriate. Still, Barr has been directly involved, according to a person familiar with the matter who was not authorized to discuss it publicly, and is also working with CIA Director Gina Haspel, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Trump has frequently claimed his campaign was the victim of “spying,” though the intelligence community has insisted it acted lawfully in following leads in the Russia investigation and conducted surveillance under court order.

Wray vocally opposed the release by Congress last year of details from a secret surveillance warrant obtained by the bureau on a former campaign adviser, Carter Page. The White House had eagerly encouraged Republicans on the House intelligence committee to disclose that classified information, believing it could help undermine the Russia investigation.

Wray, though cooperating with Barr in a review of the origins of the Russia probe, would presumably balk at declassifying classified information that could reveal sensitive sources or methods of investigators.

Despite Mueller finding no evidence to support criminal charges against Americans related to Russia’s actions, his report documented extensive Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 campaign and willingness on the part of some in Trump’s orbit to accept their aid.

Thursday’s move further solidifies Barr’s position in Trump’s eyes as a legal warrior on fighting on his behalf.

After Mueller submitted his report to Barr in March, the attorney general released a four-page summary to Congress. Barr’s letter framed the debate about the probe over the next few weeks and, White House officials believe, allowed Trump to declare victory before the release of the full report, the contents of which are far more ambiguous.

The coup is over. Read “The Russian Hoax” by Gregg Jarrett. Unelected corrupt fellow citizens tried to sabotage a legitimate President of the United States...for the reason that they did not like him. This will turn in to be the biggest scandal in American history. Let us see the facts. Let us see how the media handled it. Let us find the truth. Let us see how fellow citizens jumped on the bandwagon of hatred. How could this have happened in America?
Here is exclusive footage of Jarrett doing his investigative reporting. Note his impressive vocabulary and respect for the police. I’m guessing he isn’t a blue lives matter guy.;_ylt=AwrDQ2o.UehcZxoAeQi3mWRH;_ylu=X3oDMTByZWc0dGJtBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMQ--?p=gregg+jarrett+arrested&vid=c249406dd1bee0716ee855de03e2872d&
This, Joe, will be the second round of explaining this to you (little slow Joe?)Of course this was wrong. This occurred in 2014. Your intent, again, is to disparage and discredit his book as an excuse to rebuke it. Humans are able to possess incredible talent to do incredible things. At the same time, they fall for the frailty of humanity. Do you rebuff the writings of Ernest Hemingway because of his alcoholism? Do you refuse Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence because he had a reputation of beating his horses? I always accept all sources and personally evaluate their richness before I dismiss something out of hand. This author’s actions years ago certainly were wrong, but, to exclude his fine work forever is excessive. You bring this up again just as a lame excuse to avoid sourced answers to questions you posed, but, are afraid to hear the truth. You take the easy way out Joe. You show intellectual weakness by refusing valuable resources for flimsy reasons. The very questions you begged for answers are fully covered in this book. Your refusal to read it shows your insincerity.
Maybe Nancy will have a drink with that druggie/alcoholic author he keeps promoting. Hey Rambo, maybe Jarrett and Lindh have the same probation officer.
Joe, you marginalize yourself by repeatedly refusing to read “The Russian Hoax.” I find this strange. You ask the same things over and over, yet, you refuse the very source that would be your solution. Do you want a story hour? Do you need to sit on my lap with milk and cookies? Are you afraid to find out what you willed yourself not to learn? This is the ninth time I mentioned the book (little slow Joe?) Repetition is indicative of low intellect. Maybe you should get evaluated for cognitive ability and mental stability. Ironically, you probably have the very things you accuse President Trump of having.
Trump going to Japan over Memorial Day? Will tour japans first carrier since WW2? How sad for our country’s thinning ranks of WW2 vets to see that instead of honoring the fallen trump will be taking in sumo.

Japan is a valuable ally now but this trip is so disrespectful to our WW2 vets. But let’s face it, a guy who dodged the draft and insults a POW and let’s Lindh free early doesn’t exactly care about vets. Name one trump who has served.
Joe you are a hater. President Trump & Melania visited Arlington earlier this week. I was waiting for your condescending statements. Now you are an America Firster Joe? Did you ever serve in the military Joe? We build Nissans, Toyotas, and Hondas in America for years now. Japan surrendered in 1945 and has become one of our most loyal allies now. This “victory” multiplies the honor of our WWII veterans rather than reduces it. Troops love President Trump for reasons that I have mentioned numerous times before. That went in one ear and out the other with you. Now for the hypocrisy. Where did you serve? You state “name one Trump (sp) that served? (sp) how can you accuse when you haven’t volunteered yourself? You are a fraud to yourself Joe. Every little thing Trump does becomes his fault. Stuff that happened years ago were Trump’s fault. It is curious how you spend time to dig up opposition research but you have too little time to look at facts. You are politicized to the point of being useless. You are funny to witness. A war monger...that didn’t serve. A big hat...with no cattle. A genius...that has tremendous gaps in knowledge and understanding. A researcher...that won’t look. A Libertarian...that is a left wing nut job. A businessman...that doesn’t notice the economy is the best ever. A arrogant scholar...that doesn’t have an advanced degree. A know it all...that isn’t so smart. A nice guy...that tries to uncover opposition research like a mobster. An American...that hates America and the President. Bipolar much...Joe.
I have an advanced degree, not a fake one. Many in my family served, I did not. But then again I grew up in peace time and didn’t have my father pay a podiatrist to get me out of the draft. No one in trump’s family served, that was for others to do. He despises the military. He has shown this over and over.
Wow! Joe... Rapid fire from the hip? Your aim sucks though. Bump Stocking today?
Ha Ha Ha I couldn't resist. Better aim and you'll hit a target.
President Trump graduated from The New York Military Academy,a good prep school for West Point, maybe you heard of that. In fact, Trump was Cadet Captain which indicates brains and leadership. Now, for the 2nd time (little slow Joe?) unless you present direct evidence to counter me from your own personal experience, bone spurs are subject to a conditional draft deferment. This means a case by case evaluation. This is not a draft dodger. A draft dodger evades service. A medical deferment is either a temporary (broken leg) or a permanent (heart problem) issue that medically disqualifies one from service. If you never took up arms in service you shouldn’t insult others either. Maybe that is just me, since I served 20+ years and have ethics. Many in everyone’s family served. Trump graduated from The Wharton School of Business, this is not fake. How do you know as a blanket statement that no one in the Trump family served? Who do you know in Trump’s family tree? Trump loves the military. Right now I know 30 guys that served their country more in the last 24 hours than you ever served. They all love Trump for reasons that I already explained (little slow Joe?). I also know about 100+ guys that got out because of morale issues during the last administration. Again, we were over this before (little slow Joe?) Again these guys had years in the mil. Now, who are you to counter this. I think, to be frank, that you hate Trump so much you p*ss yourself when ever you hear about him. You purposefully overlook any boulder of good news and gleefully present any bad news. You, Joe, are a full fledged Trump hater. Now, are you going to try to insult my military credentials? That is all you have left. I don’t need any accolades from the likes of you. Make sure you prepare fully for a debate otherwise you will be shot down. If you even have the guts to get in the fight at the start. My style is not to insult you about “bone spurs” ,but, either put up or shut up. People like you wouldn’t make a pimple on a warrior’s a**. “Many in my family served.” Take this to a Memorial Day Picnic and show it to your cousins. You are pathetic. Point out the “warrior” to your family. He/she is the reason you are free to eat a burger. Not all.
Don’t take it from me, take it from those who would know.
Come on Joe. The burden of proof is on the accuser in the American Judicial System. You name one Trump that served. You, of course, admitted you have not served in the military. What is with the paradox? Apparently it is fine for you to not serve while concurrently accusing an entire family (that you aren’t even familiar with) of the same “crime.” This is bizarre, don’t you think?
None. No member of the Frederick trump family has served.

So I take it you have no issue with Donnie getting a fake bone spur deferment as “favor” so that another young man, presumably not of wealth, could go instead?

I would have served if my number was called. Unlike Donnie bone spurs I’m not a dodger.
How do we know you are not a dodger Joe? There is no apparent truth to your story. Where is your service record? Who took your place? Come on Joe. You are consumed by hatred. “I would have served if...” Come on Joe. Looks like the pot is calling the kettle black. Maybe we should call you “Joe bone spurs.” List your family members that brought honor to your family name while you made fun of others dodging like you. Ha
Given there was no draft when I grew up there was nothing to dodge. Trump had a draft and his daddy got his podiatrist friend and tenant to write for a phony deferment.
Come on Joe. Earlier you stated “I would have served had my number come up”. Now you state “given there was no draft when I grew up...Both, of course can not be true. Should I be quick to call you a liar? you would do to anyone on here...all for the sake of argument. You seem to like to argue just for the sake of argument. Are you one of those types that yell at kids that take a step in “your” yard? I bet you chase them with a rake.
Give it up! Just Join us.

My wife finally convinced me that Trump's not the pig the media makes him out to be. Come on Joe. Just throw in $35 to activate your Official 2019 Trump Executive Membership. Imagine Joe, a card carrying member!
Hey, hope to see you at the diner.
You are loved Joe, all this junk to the side.
Come on “Joe bone spurs”, let us start the clock on you to enlist, get promoted up the ranks of your selected branch of the service for several years (to get a taste of honor and respect) and then get an Honorable Discharge. Then we will talk. Maybe you can get your Doctorate also, and, not a fake one, as you say. Then you can ridicule others. How many chin-ups can that big mouth do?
Jerry Nadler appeared weak yesterday. Just wait and see how many of these scum bags start falling ill, as this new investigation comes under way.
Hillary, Lynch, Comey, the whole bunch!

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