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Support Commissioner Tom Gerhard

Published May 18. 2019 06:03AM

This letter is being written in support of Commissioner Tom Gerhard. We have been friends of Tom for many years and are looking forward to having him as our commissioner for another term.

Tom is not only visible as a candidate during election, but if you are friends of his on Facebook you will see he is at multiple events every day. We marvel at how many events he and his wife can attend in one day. They not only show their faces but also help at the functions. We have had Tom serve us dinner for different charities throughout the county.

Go to any fire company, church function or any other organization and you are sure to see Tom and his wife there supporting the cause. We have always found Tom to be honest, sincere in his love for the county and acts with integrity. We encourage everyone to view the commissioners meetings online and see how much of a gentleman Tom is even when he is (as we see it) being bullied by visitors to the meetings.

Barbara and Jim Smith

Jim Thorpe

No worries! The Luka-lackeys are nothing but pathetic sheep. It appears the "C4" candidate texts his minions during the Commissioner's Meeting feeding them stupid questions to drool out during public comments. It's so pathetic, that you can watch them reading the question from their phone. Even his mommy is being a belligerent disrespectful "know it all"!
They and their "C4" Master are nothing but rude, obnoxious and undereducated Trumpites. Military Service doesn't qualify a person to hold office. And, the last time I checked, Carbon County doesn't have a Secretary of Defense. Maybe C4 has a plan to invade the Skook?
What a farce! πŸ€ͺπŸ€‘πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š
I remember when people served quietly and with dignity. Now they brag and expect special treatment.
You "served" ... well you were also fed, clothed, sheltered, paid and medically treated. And, an Lt Col. Pension is not too shabby either.
Take care, the Luckasevicz Closet Skeletons could be rattling someday....
This Rightwing extremist, Freakshow has zero chance. The circus tents will pull up stakes and be gone on the 21st. 🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑

Military service most certainly does qualify someone to hold public office. Only a nut job that didn’t serve would think otherwise. Thank you for your service Lt Col Luckasevicz. I would vote for you if I lived in the area. Best of luck. This DO character is an ignorant clown in his own little world. You called him out before and he cowered away in shame. That is what vulgar rude ignorant punks like DO do. He probably washed out of Basic Training on the first day. Thank you Lt Col for stepping forward to bring your skills to your local community. Nearly all citizens appreciate it. Hang tough!
Hey Do! It looks like everyone agrees that Military service most certainly does qualify someone to hold public office. Your shallow rude insults helped you lose. Thanks for that DO. Congratulations Lt Col Luckasevicz! Also, thank you Tom Gerhard for your service through the years.

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