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It’s time to eliminate property taxes

Published April 27. 2018 10:47PM

Harrisburg, the time has come! Since the 24-24 tie vote in 2015 to eliminate school property taxes through HB76/SB76, Harrisburg has continued to drag its feet.

We, the property owners, continue to pay more and more each year, so why does this “regressive” tax burden continue to stay on the same path? If Harrisburg does not resolve this problem soon, I will use the phrase from Mark Madden, “I’ve got some bad news.” Simply it will never allow the homeowners the peace of mind they deserve.

Why not, Harrisburg? One reason comes to my mind, leadership. All in Harrisburg are aware of the problem, but over the past 20 years several so-called fixes, words like reform and reduce, were tossed around by all, but we the people call it “leadership.” One of the most misleading fixes was the revenues generated by gambling.

In 2004 it was sold to the people by the governor that the revenues generated by gambling would give relief to the school taxes, but never really gave the relief expected. So property owners continue to deal with increases year after year. The sad part of this regressive tax is the school district has the power to take your home.

Whether you lose your job, family members get sick and cannot generate income or senior citizens on fixed income who cannot keep up with those increases. Back in November, we the people were asked by Harrisburg through a voter referendum the question: yes or no to change the constitution to increase the homestead exclusion up to 100 percent elimination. The question has been answered YES, so now it is time for Harrisburg to fix the problem with the antiquated property tax system. The only fix is SB76 to eliminate funding through property taxes for education. The time is “NOW,” Harrisburg, to fix the problem once and for all.

Byron Schnell


Because when the population of the disaffected gets too large, bad things happen. There's this thing called history which tells us what can happen.

See - The French Revolution
See - lots of the well-off folks had their heads forcibly removed from their bodies in huge, public entertainment festivals
Property taxes are too high. However, property taxes pay to fund schools. I have lived in states where the sales tax is 8% and that's where funding comes from. Problem is that our state officials waste too much on everything. How do you think Doyle Heffley can afford to sponsor golf tournaments and run non-stop campaign ads? Tax income has to come from somewhere.....I like sales tax method because its based on consumption. When you tax real estate you force elderly out of homes or farmers to sell farm
Very hilarious to truly believe property tax would go away. They already passed laws that says they can continue even if a new system is instituted so old debt can be paid. That's why all the schools districts in Times News area started financing new schools and installing turf fields. This is just a pipe dream used by State Legislature...aka Doyle Heffley to con voters. The guy has no finance or business experience. What do you guys expect he a Lincoln Tech grad. Totally unqualified to be in government..but that's the type of guys who run. You are not Keith McCall!
The Gambling money was suppose to all go to schooling. But they lied to the people. Slick Govenor Rendell saw all this money coming in and they put the money in the GENERAL FUND They then could use the money as they wanted. It was not legally bound to the Schools as told to the Voters. And we as Voters could not do a darn thing.
And Referendum voting is worthless with they give the schools so many options to be exempted from the vote. Do you wonder why they keep building all the time- that is an exemption. So there will never be a vote to veto a tax hike if the State gives the Schools all these exemptions to keep the taxpayers from stopping them from raising the taxes.
Right now there are about 10 different exemptions. It's all against the taxpayer.

So I Warn everyone to be cautious this time.
I happen to suggest the Tax rate they are promoting now on Food and everything. Tennessee does this. But Tennessee does not have State Income tax. And every County taxes Real Estate differently down there by need per county..
The Smokey Mountains Taxes just 25% of your property and the County is in charge of all the money not the School District. The School has to ask the County for their money and the County decides what they give them. If You live outside a town you do not pay taxes to the town. Only if you live inside the town do you pay taxes. You get 1 tax bill School and County are combined into 1 if your in the country.
Retires are flocking down South for lower taxes.
Yes, you pay 8 percent on food, but not on the basic food,milk, flour,eggs. Many people go to farmers markets were they pay cash and no one charges tax. Cash is king down there. I notice if you pay cash they do not charge the tax.
Unions are the big issue here. The South does not bother much with them.

Something needs to be done. I see Scranton wants to raise their taxes almost 7%. I see
one Posters has a Utopia Thought of the Eldely of today. They are not the Richest Generation of all times. Certainly not in these parts! Maybe California but not in NEPA. I know of elderly living in row homes living only on $900 a month, another one living on $1400 a month SS. Where is that Wealthy? They have nothing else. Yet taxes go up so were do they get the money to pay taxes? Our Schools go after them with Tax sales!
One only needs to meet these people and talk with them to know how hard life is. I bet the bragger never has. I have.
Now I would like our Representatives in Harrisburg to do the right thing for the people and not pull a fast one like Rendell did on the people.

I am sick of Lies, deception and fake promises.

How can a person look at voters and say they feel their pain when they collect a paycheck year after year and produce nothing that solves a serious problem to those voters.

This can be resolved. It can be done by County. Every County has different needs. Some Counties maybe so poor you can not use one formula. Another County maybe be so rich in economic development they would need a different formula.

May be the relief we seek will be realized if cannabis is legalized for recreational use in Pa with appropriate taxes applied along the manufacturing pipeline (no pun intended) to the awaiting consumers. Keep your eye on Canada who legalized all uses of cannabis in 2018 to see how this plays out.

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