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Five families displaced in Palmerton fire

Published October 28. 2018 03:04PM

Five families were displaced Sunday in an early afternoon fire in Palmerton.

Fire companies from Carbon and Lehigh counties were called to the scene of the apartment building at 969 Mauch Chunk Road just before 1 p.m.

No injuries were reported.

The American Red Cross is providing emergency assistance for nine people displaced from the building. 

Mauch Chunk Road was closed for a time.


Once again a major fire in Palmerton and the Big time Municipal Station with all it's members only gets one vehicle out of the station.
No the Borough of Palmerton in all their wisdom destroyed the Palmerton Fire Department
Hmm... maybe someone should actually try doing the job before judging those who do it.
It's easy to say just anything but it's different when u r standing there watching everything u own and love burn inflames and see officials not doing what they could ... or more so... and to know u have loved family members on 4 feet suffocating inside...
There was a tenant there who almost had the fire out when that person was told stop or u will b arrested and directly after u still see the officials walking around like ..which way do we go..seriously... and when other fire company's showed up to help put out the fire... their job... they were told no... why... maybe in normal situations these people r wonderful at their job... but here.. at this address... I'm sorry they didn't want to have it stopped... I was there ... and my two eyes work...
I was inside... I ran threw a door engulfed in flames... I watched what went on... I asked every single firefighter I saw standing abt finding the two cats... noone cared... the section where those loving cats lived was the worse on fire and noone was over there trying to get in the back window to grab those poor cats before they suffocated to death next to each other... why... why did they not care... why was I dismissed ... I thought the tenants living there , or anyone involved, were the victims and not the enemy... why was I treated that way... noone there knew me ... so why... u all want to tell home owner to be quiet.. were u there... do u have any pets or even a baby that was in that fire that noone cared about... no... I was tho... and homeowner is correct sorry... if they dont want to be described the way that person did then they should not have acted, or inacted, the way they did then... not fair.. just not fair... those poor loved cats did not deserve that in action of treatment...
All on here who want to be jerks and tell homeowner to not cry... walk in their shoes... maybe u better take your own advice and until u know ... experience this ... maybe u all need to keep ur mouths shut.. a 10 month old baby... was in that fire... noone cared to find out if that baby was ok or they needed anything... is that fair??? Thank God for the red cross... thank u so very much for all you do
Sounds like you want a medal. Since you care so much sign up or shut up. You only seen and heard what was going on around you. Did you hear any info given to the county? Or the command officer. How about the incoming units? You care so much and have so much to say then sign up and make a difference since you know it all. Acting like no one cares about a baby and cat. You serious? You know how much shit was going on? Did you ever stop and think that everyone was aware of that and ems or police dis check on the baby? Ever think it was to late for the cats? Get over yourself. If you understood how everything works you wouldn't be running your mouth. Regardless how all those departments are ran, it all falls on communication. Again you dont like something sign up and make a difference dont want to for what ever reason. Then mind your damn business and dont worry about how things are done.
I do not want a medal , I'm only station g the facts of what happened since everyone else is rude and think they know it all and tell homeowner to shut up.. I was w that baby and noone came up and checked to see how the baby and mom were... were u there... I dont need to think I'm right I know I am I was right there , I heard what was said to who ... when... were u... all my point was was to point out until u walk in their shoes , the homeowner, maybe you r the one needs to keep your mouth shut... do u know anything about that situation at the address of that fire... no.. i can tell by your words you do not.. so honestly one who knows nothing i care not what you say or your opinion... i dont need to be right ... i was only putting some light on the actual things that went on there .. i was there ... were u... Ben Dover lol nice
The fire officials and all who else were there for their jobs... should be experts at their jobs and do it... I was there not cuz I wanted to get paid for doing a job.. but because I was involved ... so I'd I care more about the people who lived there and the animals too... then so what... it is them who lost everything... those officials who were there for their job... or having volunteered , sorry... went home to all they own and love and care for... so sorry if I care more about the victims then the others... its personal
Ya ok... all u can say huh... how old r u anyway... nevermind ... a conversation w one like u is totally useless and a waste of my time... I said what I wanted to say... and that's all there is... were u there hmmm
I have nothing to say to someone who obviously is a keyboard warrior and thinks they know everything about everything. So it doesn't matter what anybody says you think you know it all so theres nothing to say. Which is typical for this area so not surprising. But hey anytime you feel courageous, fill out an app at your local department and do the job. That way you can get a feel of what its like to do the job and no matter what you do still be criticized for it.
I dont know what you're arguing JUSTME, I live behind on Edgemont and came down when I saw the smoke. I got there right before fire trucks did, I could see flames in your attic area in the corner. You didnt see that, so you can't say it was just the outside corner. Those guys did a hell of a job. I could also here there radios and heard them say about looking for 2 missing cats. Your argument is invalid. To put those guys down, if that would have been anywhere else, I bet that building would have burned to the ground! You only saw one part of it, I could see the entire building from up the street. And yes, I'm a retired career fireman, I know what I am talking about.
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