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Pleasant Valley director accused of ‘bullying’

Published October 12. 2018 01:15PM

Pleasant Valley School Board Director Laura Jecker has been accused of bullying PV administrators and board members with a message she posted on her Facebook page.

Jecker shared a post from the Pennsylvania Department of Education promoting “Wear Blue — World Day of Bullying Prevention” on her Facebook page on Sept. 20, along with the message: “Our district should be promoting this but again bullying is not important enough to them. Parents, students and board members on the committee care but it is the admin holding back. Again it’s put on the back burner. Please send me your stories and concerns about bullying. Together we will take bullying head on.”

Jecker, prior to her election to the board, was a frequent attendee at board meetings and often addressed the board as a concerned parent regarding bullying. Jecker is also known for publicly praising teachers and others in the district for their accomplishments.

At the conclusion of Thursday evening’s board meeting, Director Dan Wunder called out Jecker for her post. Wunder noted that normally Jecker posts positive messages on her page touting the good news in the district.

Wunder said that he took her comments of Sept. 20 personally.

“As a teacher I did not tolerate it in my classroom. … As a principal (I) opened PVE with Be Safe, Be Kind and Be Respectful and stood in front of the entire student body of over 1,500 students a year and personally addressed anti-bullying with the entire student body,” Wunder said. “After my retirement in 2008 I organized, with the help of retired teachers, an anti-bullying effort that went into the elementary classrooms.

“I don’t know Mr. Triolo or Mr. Breiner well, but I hired Mr. Pomposello as a teacher at PVE and I know Mr. Seiler. You don’t want to be caught bullying in front of Rocco.”

Wunder went on to state that the district has an anti-bullying policy that has been in place since April 2016 and revised earlier this year.

Wunder cautioned Jecker in his statement by saying that board members should not attack administrators from their seats on the board.

“We must recognize our position of authority and that we sit up here and are seen by them in positions of authority,” Wunder said. “Given that, they are not in the best position to defend themselves.”

“When you attack someone in a position who is unable to defend themselves, it is called bullying.”

Wunder concluded by addressing a message to board President Len Peeters, who was not present at the meeting.

“I don’t know what your plans are to address this board’s current division, but it is my feeling that the public that elected us and the students we serve deserve better than the public sniping that is currently taking place. While healthy public debate in this forum is good and should be expected, calling others out contentiously in public is a disservice as to why we are here.”

Jecker was contacted for a comment but did not respond.

This doesn't surprise me one bit that a former administrator would make a claim like this. Pleasant Valley does a modest job at bullying prevention, but could do better. That is what Ms. Jecker pointed out. The old guard is only saying this because Ms. Jecker is "upsetting their cart". Business as usual must end at PV. As a former PV employee, I was personally bullied by an administrator just for speaking my mind. PV administrators only like "yes men". This is why they are bringing this charge, and NOT because Ms. Jecker is guilty of bullying.
I know several people who went to this meeting and said it was ridiculous how Ms. Jecker was called out on this. I am so thankful that Ms. Jecker is on the school board. She speaks for the people of the community and wants what's best for our students and staff. She is not about making sure her family get jobs. She is about making sure the right person gets the job.
This sounds like bullying at its finest. And Rocco not a bully, that's some funny crap right there. I have personally been bullied by him, and have witnessed him bullying others. Thank you Ms. Jecker for standing up for what you believe in. I applaud you.
I didn't want to name names, but I was also bullied by Rocco and one other. Those good old boy administrators are all out for themselves. I hope the younger, newer administrators don't fall into that trap.
Cheers to Ms. Jecker who seems to only be doing her elected job as a school director. In the current time of school shootings, bullying prevention is a priority.

Jeers to Mr. Wunder who seems to only have run for the Pleasant Valley school board to support his administrative cronies. It's about time these administrators are taken to task and I guess they wheel out Wunder when Jecker hits a nerve.

I don't know when this guy is up for election but let's show him the door. He is not representing Pleasant Valley families and students.
Mr. Wunder seems to be trying to draw attention away from the dark clouds that are currently looming over the PVSD by taking Mrs. Jeckers FB Post and blowing it way out of proportion! I feel that Mr. Wunder is coming off as the bully. Why didn't he address this privately? Was it really necessary to do it publicly? He came off as an old man who has a good old boy mentality! Mr. Wunder has been a board member for quite some time, and claims to be an advocate against bullying yet where is the proof? What has he done? He's done minimal regarding the zero tolerance/no bullying in PV before, during & after his time as a teacher, principal, and board member. He also named Rocco Seiler in his lengthy prepared statement. Mr. Seiler is one of the biggest bullies in that district! How do I know? I speak from experience and have been personally bullied by that man.
Mr. Wunder,
Lets talk about Joshua Krebs!
Lets talk about Coach Matt Kosciolek!
Lets talk about the inappropriate teacher/student sexual relationships! Lets talk about all the dirty little secrets PV has swept under the rug! I know I am grateful to have the Board President Len Peeters keeping Wunder and Piperato in line! Mrs. Jecker, keep on doing what you're doing! You are evidently making them (other board members) nervous because you don't stand for their shady shenanigans! #WeStandWithJecker and look forward to her rebuttal!
Thank you Jasmine for pointing out real issues that should be addressed in board meetings but rarely are. People need to read the minutes and question what they see! I don't know about you, but paying Krebs all these months has been a waste of tax payer money. Other astronomical attorney fees, pay increases for administrators, new positions being created and friends of administrators being hired? Enough already!
Well, well, well! Look at what we have here. The Pot calling the kettle Black! Dan Wunder what a classless move! Mrs. Jecker, keep fighting the fight! And for the record Rocco is a bully and a disgrace to the Pleasant Valley School District.
Dan Wunder could have very easily commented on Mrs. Jeckers FaceBook Post if it bothered him so much! But no! He had to prepare a long statement and read it in front of an audience at the Board Meeting! His attempt to try and publicly humiliate Mrs. Jecker was deplorable and back fired! It only brought more attention how important it is to vote out the posse!

Let me ask you this "Mr. Dan Not So Wunder-ful" Are you going to attack director Donna Yozwiak next because she isn't a "yes man" too?

It may have taken a while, but slowly and surely the good old boy posse is getting voted out! Perhaps then PV will no longer be the laughing stock of surrounding districts!

For the record- Mr. Seiler is a bully. Many have complained and brought our concerns to Piperato, perhaps we should have brought them to Mrs. Jecker? #Istandwithjecker
True! Why didn’t Dan Wunder comment on the Facebook post if it upset him so deeply?!
maybe he wanted a bigger audience? attention seeker? maybe he jumped at the chance to make a statement during the meeting because the board president wasn't there to stop him?
I stand with Laura Jeker! Everyone knows the anti-bullying policy at PV doesn't work. Never has. It's all smoke and mirrors. Laura knows that and wants to see real change. That is why I voted for her! She is the only board member that I have ever seen that has asked parents what we think. What changes we would like to see. To call her out at a board meeting looks like bullying to me. When I read her post on Facebook I was actually proud of her for mentioning the the other members. If you read school board minutes you will see that she has been asking about the anti-bullying policy and what the committee