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Confusion about election for commissioner

Published October 12. 2019 05:52AM

I am truly confused. Before the May primary for county commissioner, Chris Lukasevich, a candidate I personally support, worked hard to be nominated. He went door-to-door talking to Carbon County residents, he arranged it so the commissioner meetings could be seen online for the first time by county residents so they could judge for themselves the problems that face the county and the effectiveness of their commissioners, he participated in the two debates that were made available to the Republican candidates.

His hard work led to an upset victory over incumbent Tom Gerhard. Gerhard lost because he never participated in the debates, never responded to the honest concerns Lukasevich was raising, and frankly failed to make wise choices during his time as a commissioner.

So now Lukasevich is one of the two Republican nominees for commissioner. But I am now confused because it is clear that the local Carbon County Republican Committee and some of its officers are not supporting Chris but would prefer to see Gerhard remain as a commissioner. This is after the registered Republican voters made it clear that they want Chris as their candidate. And this is though the committee bylaws state that the committee and its officers SHALL be loyal to its nominees.

What is even more galling is the fact that Gerhard has decided to run as a write-in candidate, and his supporters are stating through social media that Chris is evil and bullied Tom. Imagine an eight-year incumbent being bullied by a political novice. Imagine a 34-year special forces veteran who put his life on the line for the security of this great nation is now considered evil because he has brought the truth about what is going on in this county to its residents.

Lastly, your newspaper and Blue Ridge cable have decided to have Gerhard participate in the debate scheduled for Oct. 28. I know Chris has no problem with this arrangement because he is willing to face all challengers. On the other hand, I personally do. Gerhard doesn’t deserve to participate. He is not a nominee because he already lost in the primary. If I held myself out as a write-in candidate, would I be allowed to participate as well? I do not understand why he has been invited. It makes me wonder about the intent of the people that make it possible for this to happen.

Armin Feldman


Attend a Commissioner's meeting and your confusion will be cleared up. Lukasevich comes to these meetings under the guise of a concerned citizen, but instead hurls personal insults, and asks ridiculous questions only to acheive the "gotcha" effect. The person you support is a rude, obnoxious narcissist who is not fit to sit in the board Commissioner's. He's a polarizing bully. No Political Party should support such behavior. His military training and rank will make it impossible for him to work with others, he's to use to giving orders and getting his way. The GOP has a narcissistic bully in the White House, we don't need this in the county.
This is the type of person that needs to win that office. The board needs new blood and it needs someone willing to fight for it. We can't continue with the board we currently have. It has been too long and they make some really bad choices (i.e. packerton yards and trying to sell it at a fraction of what was granted for it; now an election office..the county is fine with the one it has.) They should have never purchased that building. And once anyone knows it was previously loaded with mold which will probably come back they won't buy it.
Krystal I agree with you.. the last election Gerhardt lost and then the guy that won resigned and Gerhardt got in again... we have to stop these dirty politics... with the packerton yards someone wanted to build a mall there have parking on the bottom and all the shops on the second floor and up.. the commissioners nixed it . Saying it was in a flood plane... hell the people knew that that is why they proposed the shops on the second floor... then the commissioners buy the place .. people wanted to buy it for historical reasons .. again no go .. so now the tear it down and try to sell it....another person wanted to buy it to shred tires inside the building again it was nixed because of threat of Mosquitos. Again if held in side no bugs .. still got nixed... they have cost this county so much money....They all need to go and have fresh blood in there.
Armin, Congratulations on an extremely well written Letter to the Editor that captures the sentiment I have been hearing from residents throughout the county.

Tommie does not deserve the honor to stand on that stage with Bob, Rocky, Gerry, Wayne, or me. Tommie’s current effort speaks more to his shortcomings than I could ever have pointed out or demonstrated by live streaming the weekly Board of Commissioners’ Meeting. Tommie was invited to two candidate forums before the primary, and he decided not to participate out of fear of having to defend actions such as threating the destruction of St Mark, voting for a $7,800 pay raise, accumulating $24,000,000 in debt, 49% tax increase, stating he opposed wind turbines yet accepting $2,500 from Mr. Kovatch who will reap notable financial reward from their placement etc.

This write-in campaign is all about Tommie and nothing about the best interest of the citizens of this county or the will and desire of Republican voters. Their decision was made on 21 May.

Clearly, Tommie has not earned the right to be at the debate. However, you are correct. I do welcome the challenge of driving another proverbial nail in the coffin (but that does not make the invitation justifiable). The actions of the hosts/sponsors of this debate are frankly disgraceful, and I suspect self-serving. The motivations of BRC, The Times News, and the Carbon Chamber are dubious at best.

They are attempting to give credibility to one who has none, and this clearly calls into the question their motive. For sure, any other “write-in” candidate would not be invited, even those who possess attributes far beyond Tommie’s. He lost! A political novice beat him and he refuses to man up, look in the mirror, take responsibility for his failure, and accept reality. This reminds me of candidate Hillary Clinton after her defeat. It is somewhat ironic that Republican Tommie and his supporters are acting similarly.

The Carbon County Republican Committee, specifically certain members of its E-Board to include all of its officers (Lee Becker, Jean Papay, Kay Becker, and Susie Gerhard), do not represent the interests of the majority of registered Republicans but rather their own “establishment.” Again, we see selfishness instead of selflessness.

The Committee remains in violation of its bylaws and members of its E-Board actively and blatantly works to undermine the will of the Republican voters of Carbon County. However, I knew from “Day-1” that the establishment, even within the party of my affiliation, would act subversively against anyone who was committed to placing the PEOPLE above party and politics. I refuse to “join the good ole boy network,” and will stand on principle.

I was reading some Thomas Paine the other day and came across these quotes from his pamphlets The American Crisis. They seem fitting for quoting:

“These are the times that try men's souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

Again, job well done and thanks for your support and to the thousands of others who recognize that a clean slate is needed in the Board of Commissioners and the status quo must go.

If it matters to you, it matters to me,

(570) 503-6780
Joe, you seem to be both blind and tone deaf. When someone is confronted and insulted they have the right to rebut the charges, correct? CT made insulting accusations that generations ago would have provoked a dual. That was when honor was practiced. Now, liberal nut jobs like you, Joe, and CT not only lack honor, but, you lack any shred of respect. You criticize an honorable person, whether it be Lukasevich, Kavanaugh or Trump, just because you disagree with them. Shame on you. That should tell you all you need to know. I will take a military person over you any time.
There is nothing in his post about "CT". He is just taking the opportunity to go negative. We need ideas and plans, not persona; attacks.
Lots of attack and negativity? Mr. Feldman’s LTE outlines just some of the reasons why he supports Candidate LUKASEVICH and the reply from ComradeTrumpski is all about attacks and negativity. I’m very surprised that the Times News allows this kind of post, especially with a fake name. They don’t allow it in their print format, why do they allow it on their digital format. You would think the policy would be the same for both?
How was it not fair? There were 2 debates n tommie was not there!! He got in cuz if his dad. That's a fact. Bullshit is tommie crying now that he lost. Just like Clinton who is still crying. Stop your whining n move on
I agree with you.. some people are so party indoctrinated they do not think for themselves... never voted a straight party ticket... people have to start thinking for themselves that is why this country is in the state it is in.. hated both clinton and trump
voted for neither of them..
America is great partially because Crooked Hillary will never be President. 2016 is over. Thank You President Trump. MAGA. The Clinton Crime Family should be in jail. Remember when Hillary wore that orange pantsuit? We will see more of it soon. Be patient for proper justice.
Folks are real tired of politics in general and shady back room deals. All incumbents better duck and cover.

Ignoring the voter is a distressing growing trend. In the best selling book Tailspin, the author explains that citizens have zero input to public policy anymore. This entire fiasco sure backs that claim.
Yes, it's always fine letter when it supports your misguided agenda. trump likes those too.
How much do you cost me each month in military pension? I'm not thrilled about being double dipped to screw up my County.
The elements of leadership required in military service, especially in combat, are the ultimate test of abilities. No task is difficult after leading people in combat. If you do not understand that, you are sadly ignorant. In the military you are assessed by your abilities. You can be young and command a platoon, or a tank, or a ship. You are promoted by competence. Why do you think that several military men became President? Thousands of military men became public office holders at all levels. The life of service has value when you understand that a citizen is willing to sacrifice their life for their country. The life of service goes beyond that as private industry is passed up in favor of helping and improving a local community by a veterans self sacrifice. The military leadership skills involve teamwork, problem solving, training, honor, responsibility & competence, just to name a few things that come to mind. Every employer licks their chops when a veteran walks in the door looking for a job. Only fools that have no understanding of military culture oppose the importance of military service. Good Luck Mr. Luckasevich. I am sorry that your honorable, valuable experience that you acquired in the service of this great country is being attempted to be used against you. That is fully wrong.
Again, none of this automatically translates into the skills of a county commissioner. Perhaps he has those skills but the only thing I know about him as a candidate is he was in the army and he goes negative quickly. We don't need the negativity, we need ideas and I am not hearing any.
I guess, Joe, that you are so thick-headed that you refuse to understand. You can be as dumb as you want to be on here. Some people need to be led around by the nose to figure things out. Join the Army and see how much better you will be. Come on Joe.
Come on Joe. This will be the third time we have been over this. You need to set the hatred aside if you ever expect to surpass your intellectual shortcomings. President Trump is a graduate of the New York Military Academy. The NYMA is a prep school for the USMA. The USMA is West Point. Donald Trump was the Cadet Captain. The Cadet Captain is the lead senior that leads the entire cadet corps during Corp drill and other leadership tasks. Now if you want to be small and say...his daddy bought him the position, blah, blah,blah...go ahead. The Cadet Captain is a performance based position that displays leadership skills from the corps to the Superintendent of the Academy, and from the individual cadets to their squad and platoon leaders. In other words, someone incompetent, especially as incompetent as you want him to be, can not hold this position. After four years at a service Academy graduation includes a commission as a Second Lieutenant in a branch of the military (Army). Maybe it is time for you, Joe, to become “a military man” and walk a mile in their shoes, rather than insult those who have accomplished things that you have not. It is pretty common for individuals to go through training and then not get a commission in the end. When a war ends the needs of the Military are suddenly reduced. Also, medical exemptions occur. I am sure there are other reasons. So, yes I consider Trump a military man. As President, Trump has the support of the military. You, Joe, are just looking for another reason to hate him. That is why we repeat what you don’t want to hear. You become Cadet Captain...then we can talk about your military leadership skills. You miss the idea that training for combat leadership is the second best type of training there is...the best is actual leadership in combat. Leadership in life and death situations makes everything else easy. If you can not understand that, there is nothing else I can say to help you figure it out. You are locked in a box of your own hatred...and, you threw away the keys.
Just what are you talking about...? This man led people so he knows how to be a leader.. the ones in now don't know how to lead .
He'll Spearhead the Skook invasion! He'll dope up the Hoi Poloi on Yuenling, boilo and coal dust. Keeping the stupid stupid! The Authoritarian leader will cleanse Carbon County.
My freedom isn't worth the likes of you representing me.
Just for the record, unlike you, I don't use my service status for personal or political gain. You should be ashamed, appearing in uniform on campaign posters. You cheapen,
while others served with quite dignity and love of country. As demonstrated in your statement, you use your service to bolster yourself and to call into question the Patriotism of others. I've seen and heard you only demonstrate the ability to question, insult and accuse. You have nothing to offer. You've earned the title of FRED. If you choose to use social media like a jilted teenaged girl, expect it to come back and bite you. Not everyone looking is a Luckabot!
CT you should get down on your knees and thank God that you have great Americans that become warriors that defend your freedom to say such nonsense from the comforts of home as they make sacrifices that you will never care to understand. Were you ever shot at by enemies of America? Have you ever had that lump in your throat just before you went into combat? Have you ever seen a dear friend killed or wounded in combat? Have you ever had to write a letter to a family member about how their only son died? Have you ever been to a Military Service? Did you ever cry when Taps was played? You should be ashamed of yourself. You, CT, would be a slave in a Gulag with your tongue cut out living in misery if it were not for generations of warriors protecting you. Many of those warriors never made it to collect pension. I buried better men than you will ever be...never forget that. America is great.
He didnt chris. He is just another stupid demo who has nothing good to say he should just go away like eff most demos. Not all just most
Chris is an intelligent, energetic individual with many ideas that will help this County. His background speaks for itself. This election has nothing to do with being a Democrat or a Republican. We need a County Commissioner that can come up with new ideas that help the community and then have the ability to execute the ideas successfully. I am confident that Chris can do that. From the beginning of his campaign, Chris has broadcast his ideas for everyone to read. Do that! Read them, consider them, then call Chris and debate them with him (his phone number is 570-503-6780). You will be impressed with his demeanor and knowledge. Unlike some other candidates, he will permit all of us to participate. See for yourself. We should be very proud of Chris and happy that Chris has come back to Carbon County to help this community.
I drove by the Republican Committee office on Route 209 yesterday and was surprised to see the large Write In for Gerhard sign prominently out front. I agree with Armin that the Republican Committee should be supporting the county's republicans and their choices for candidates, not the committee's own choices. Who does the committee represent?
The actions of the Republican leadership in Carbon County speak for themselves. You can choose to vote for those who have proven themselves unworthy through their very own actions/decisions or give someone new a chance to prove themselves. Vote out all incumbents and remind them all who holds the real power in elections. It is the voter, not the party and not the candidate. You, the voter can take back your government one vote at a time.
The fact that Chris L Lukasevich chose to insert himself into this commentary with a long, self-serving ramble defending his candidacy shows a lack of integrity and professionalism.

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