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Christy wants federal trial first

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Published March 23. 2019 06:53AM


Shawn Christy, the McAdoo man who led authorities on a 3-month multi-state manhunt last summer, asked for and received a continuance for his trial on Schuylkill County charges.

Christy, 27, appeared in Schuylkill County Court Friday for a pretrial hearing presided over by President Judge William E. Baldwin. Christy, who has been incarcerated most recently in Schuylkill County Prison, was cuffed to another county inmate for his walk from the county jail to the courtroom.

His pretrial hearing was for four felony counts of aggravated assault and two counts of simple assault stemming from an alleged attack on Stephan Holly March 15, 2017. Holly was Mayor of McAdoo at that time; Christy reportedly swung a stick at him in an argument about snow removal.

Christy had also threatened to shoot President Donald Trump and Northampton District Attorney John Morganelli. Christy went on the run after failing to appear in Schuylkill County Court May 30, 2018.

During Friday’s pretrial hearing, Christy asked for a continuance “until after my federal trial in May.” Judge Baldwin, noting that Christy was representing himself, asked him if he understood that he’d remain incarcerated during that time.

“I understand fully,” Christy said. “And I would never have a public defender from this county.”

Christy began talking about requests for information he said he has filed, including requests for “bodycam footage” and other camera footages. Baldwin cut in.

“That’s not what I’m dealing with today,” Baldwin said. “You asked for a continuance, and you got it; that’s enough.”

Christy complained as Schuylkill County Sheriff’s deputies uncuffed him from the other inmate and secured his arms behind his back with wrists cuffed, in preparation for his departure from the courtroom. “I’m cooperating, I’m gonna charge you,” Christy said to a deputy who was affixing the handcuffs, before he was escorted from the room.

Christy is scheduled for a pretrial hearing on federal charges April 1 at the Luzerne County Courthouse before Judge Michael T. Vough.

In Schuylkill County, Christy has also been charged by Rush Township Police with burglary, theft and criminal mischief on August 24, 2018; and by Butler Township Police with theft, receiving stolen property, criminal trespass and illegally possessing a firearm. He also has charges pending in Carbon County in three separate incidents, two for incidents in Banks Township and one for an incident in Packer Township.

A federal grand jury indicted Christy in July 2018 for allegedly making threats against President Donald Trump and others on social media. Federal grand juries have added two more indictments associated with crimes allegedly committed during his flight. During that time, the hunt for Christy included Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland and New York. While on the run, and crossing state lines, Christy allegedly stole vehicles and weapons, and broke into homes and businesses. He was captured on Sept. 21 hiding in a ravine near Mansfield, Ohio.


Another NRA freakshow. Deviant Republicans are too stupid to realize when they create their own Frankenstein's monster. The beast turns on you eventually.
DO, the only thing this creep had to do with the NRA is probably 95% of the Law Enforcement Officers hunting him were NRA members. You are “too stupid to realize when you” that big mouth of yours. The NRA is an advocate of gun safety. Gun safety involves keeping guns out of the hands of insane people like Christy and you. Both of you have similar views. You are an insane hater. Republicans own you. Republicans love you even if you have Trump Derangement Syndrome. Keep it up! You are free entertainment.
The NRA is an advocate of gun safety. Gun safety involves keeping guns out of the hands of insane people like Christy and you.
LOL I know funny and that's funny LOL

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