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Letter to the editor: Concern about Route 309

Dear editor,

I am writing this letter to Sen. Dave Argall for the third time, concerning the same major problem that has been affecting the people, who must travel this stretch of Route 309, day in and day out.

This section of road I am talking about, what is known as “Mile Hill,” which begins at the intersection of Route 309 and Ben Titus Road and continues up the mile hill on Route 309 to the top of the hill, which is approximately 1 and 1/10 of a mile. I could never understand why PennDOT repaved Route 309 from Tamaqua up to Ben Titus Road, and then stopped, until they began repaving again at the top of the mile hill, then left the mile hill in a deplorable condition to this day.

I was told, by your administration, that this stretch of Route 309 was to be repaved in 2022, then again in 2023, and I am still patiently waiting for this to be done. They have not even repainted the centerlines or the roadside lines on this stretch of road, making it very dangerous to drive on at night, or during inclement weather. The median strip dividing this part of Route 309 is completely deteriorated and no longer serves a purpose in deterring traffic from crossing over onto the opposite side of the road, which could cause a head-on collision.

I have been traveling this section of Route 309 for more than 20 years, while living in Hometown, and I still can’t understand the logic behind ignoring the poor condition of this extremely, dangerous stretch of hill on Route 309, while still nothing is being done to improve it for people having to drive on it every day.

Please let me know, if there is a good reason why PennDOT is not improving the horrible condition of this only 1 and 1/10th of mile stretch of Route 309.

Sincerely, a registered Republican, and taxpayer in Rush Township for almost 25 years,

Jack Selby