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Letter to the editor: Going cashless in Lansford

To The Editor:

I find it difficult to believe that some people are actually complaining about Lansford’s decision not to accept cash as payment for sewage and sanitation bills.

The days of rotary phones, 8-track tapes, leisure suits, and TV antennas on the roof are long gone.

By using a check or debit/credit card, the institution will have a record of payment. That’s much easier than throwing a rolled up piece of paper into a drawer.

Besides, one needs to have a bank account in order to receive Social Security and pension funds. It’s called direct deposit. Where do they keep their savings? In a metal box under a loose floor board?

I’m sure there is a friend or family member who could show him/ her how to write a check, balance a statement, and use a debit card. It’s the same thing with computers. I know some people who are actually afraid of using a computer. Try it! You’ll like it!

Yes, I do use some cash and debit cards for small purchases, I keep the checks and credit cards for major purchases and bills. No sense in asking for trouble.

Richard Ochs