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Letter to the editor: DEP is not offering solutions

Dear editor,

In 2014 DEP decided it unlawful for the disposal of electronics in the landfills in Pa. Not a problem.

But what is the problem is the disposal of these items 10 years later.

It’s illegal to put these items in your towns packer on trash day. In fact it’s a hefty fine for the driver of the packer. You can’t smash it up and put it in a bag it’s unlawful to haul.

The DEP approved sites to take these items are around 40 miles away and at a huge cost. So the end results is dumping along the highways of Pa.

Did DEP and our representatives in Harrisburg come up with a solution 10 years later? Nope they fumbled the ball.

Now in Nesquehoning people are opposed about tire burning. I am one of them. Also should be stopped is the dumping of fly ash there. If one reads the Material Data Safety Sheet on this it contains everything from arsenic to zinc. But DEP states it’s beneficial, but to whom? I look at my four great grandchildren and think what are they to look forward to in this world?

So it’s time that Argall and Heffley go to DEP and ask what are you people doing about these problems.

Tommy J. Vadyak