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No cash policy is a hardship

Dear Editor,

When Katrina hit New Orleans the evacuation order detailed the routes for cars to leave the city. What the authorities didn’t realize was that thousands of residents of New Orleans did not own cars. The authorities couldn’t comprehend that.

We are seeing a similar if less deadly situation in Lansford. Lansford Borough Council recently decided that the borough will not accept cash for payments for sewage transmission fees and other municipal charges after July 1. Residents can pay with credit cards or by check. Unfortunately, many residents of Lansford have neither bank accounts nor credit cards.

When asked how they could pay, a councilwoman said, “They can get a money order.” Really? Then they have to go to the Post Office. And money orders come with a fee. This is typical of authorities who can’t imagine how some people live. They assume that since they have a checking account or a credit card, doesn’t everyone? No, some of us don’t. This discriminatory rule should be rescinded.


Roy Christman

Towamensing Township