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Police confiscate alcohol, business faces license fine

A Lehighton business is facing various fines, including operating without a valid liquor license.

At around 2 a.m. April 13, officers of the Lehighton Borough Police Department assisted the Pennsylvania State Police - Liquor Control Enforcement Division, with the execution of a search warrant at the Pleasure Lounge Restaurant & Bar, 201 N. First St.

As part of a joint, ongoing department investigation, the business was determined to be operating without having a valid liquor license.

Police confiscated between $25,000 to $30,000 worth of alcohol. Police said numerous administration fines are set to be imposed by PA Liquor Control Enforcement Unit.

In 2023, Lehighton Borough Police Department received 61 service-related calls, and 22 documented service calls in 2024 at the restaurant/bar.

Police said the type of service calls ranged from loud music complaints, to active violent disturbances with weapons.

Lehighton Police have been working with the PA Liquor Control Board to designate this business as a “nuisance bar.”

If this business is classified as a nuisance bar, it would prohibit the owners from renewing their currently expired liquor license.

The Pleasure Lounge Restaurant & Bar, 201 N. First St. in Lehighton, has been cited for operating without a valid liquor license. TIMES NEWS FILE PHOTO