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Letter to the Editor: Celebrate April as ‘Grange Month’

For the Pennsylvania State Grange, April holds special significance as it marks “Grange Month,” a time to celebrate our storied history, notable achievements, and continued commitment to rural advocacy and community service.

We invite you to join in the statewide recognition of the importance of agriculture and rural advocacy, and the positive impact of local Granges in Pennsylvania and across the country.

The Grange is our nation’s oldest fraternal farm and family organization, dedicated to the betterment of rural life through community service, education, legislation, and fellowship.

The roots of the Grange movement run deep in Pennsylvania since its inception in 1873. Today, more than 170 local and county Granges serve as a gathering place, where ideas can be shared, and challenges addressed in an open and respectful forum.

Over the years, these discussions have sought and led to improvements in agriculture and rural life. From bringing electrification and mail delivery to small towns, to expanded broadband access and telemedicine availability, the Grange has worked to connect friends and families to an ever-growing world.

Through our collective efforts, we honor the legacy of those who came before us while striving to create a brighter future for generations to come.

I encourage all Pennsylvanians to join us in celebrating Grange Month and to learn more about the vital role that the Pennsylvania State Grange plays in our communities.

Together, let us sow the seeds of cooperation through nonpartisan rural advocacy, ensuring that the spirit of the Grange continues to flourish across our great state.


Matt Espenshade

President, Pa. State Grange