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Jim Thorpe to discuss traffic congestion on Thursday

January and February, Winterfest weekend aside, normally provide a slight dip in Jim Thorpe tourism numbers, but with weather getting warmer, borough officials are thinking about ways to handle the vehicle and pedestrian traffic issues that have plagued it in recent years.

The borough announced last week on its Facebook page that a “tourism, events and parking” discussion will be held during its workshop meeting on Thursday. Due to ongoing renovations at Memorial Hall, meetings will now be held at 6:30 p.m. in Jim Thorpe High School’s large group instruction room.

“The purpose is to discuss ideas and recommendations proposed to the borough and any other business which may come before the board,” according to the announcement. “The public is welcome to attend.”

In the wake of some of the borough’s busiest weekends in memory last October, Police Chief Joe Schatz said last month that several modifications have been tossed around including changing Center Avenue in the “Heights” to a one-way road heading west and Hill Road to a one-way pattern heading up from the Opera House.

“I think doing that would not take any parking away from the residents and make the flow a lot better for everyone involved up there,” Schatz said. “The towing companies tell me one of their biggest issues on the heavy fall weekends is Center Avenue being blocked up.”

The borough has an established residential permit parking program in place for West Broadway, but Schatz said extending that to the entire town on weekends and holidays is on the table.

“We hear it from the residents in the first block of Center Avenue,” he said. “We hear it from residents on the east side of town. They can’t park near their homes and it’s getting worse every year. On the east side, it was up to about Sixth Street last year.”

If council adopts that change, it would mean that visitors to town could only park in the areas that have parking kiosks or in public parking lots.

Jim Thorpe last month also authorized its solicitor to draft an ordinance amendment changing the cost of parking at a kiosk space from $1 per hour to $2 per hour Monday through Thursday and $3 per hour Friday-Sunday. If using a credit card, the cost will be $2.50 per hour Monday through Thursday and $3.50 per hour Friday through Sunday.

Mansion House Hill, Route 209, coming into Jim Thorpe, was already backed up at 9 a.m. when this photo was taken on a late October weekend day last year. JAMES LOGUE JR./SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS