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Letter to the Editor: Do not allow tire burning at Nesquehoning plant

It is common knowledge that burning tires is extremely harmful to human health and the natural environment. The fumes emitted are packed with the many toxic chemicals that tires contain (including volatile organic compounds such as benzene, metals such as lead, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzo (a) pyrene, and synthetic rubber components such as butadiene and styrene). Additionally, the chlorine content in tires leads to the creation of dioxins and furans (which are extremely toxic chemicals) when tires are burned.

Yet, users of Tire Derived Fuel are confident that their machinery (which usually is not even designed for burning tires) and the combination of tires with traditional fuels (like coal) will render the incineration process harmless. Remember reputable scientists like Dr. Neil Carman and Dr. Seymour I. Schwartz have written in response to the “junk science” and stacked statistics behind the rubber-stamp approval of tire derived fuel. These experts, along with other scientists, ecologists, and public interest groups, have uncovered the truth behind the propaganda - that tire incineration by any method is not safe.

The tire proposed tire burning in Nesquehoning cannot move forward due to the danger of these chemicals. The prevailing winds carry the emissions toward the community and a school.

We have a beautiful county and want it to stay this way or nicer for future generations. Please do not allow this to move forward. Our state of Pennsylvania is becoming a hot spot for everyone to take advantage of. Thank you.

Paul Hoppel