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Disrespect Won’t Get You Elected

Dear Editor:

On Thursday, Feb. 22, the Patriots of The Constitution sponsored a “Meet the Candidates Night,” hosting all three Republican congressional candidates for PA-07.

Our platform was simple; we drew straws as to what order the candidates would speak. All three candidates had 15 minutes to talk, then once they finished their presentations, we opened the floor to questions.

After a few questions were asked, our Vice President of the Executive Board (of our Patriots Group) asked Ryan Mackenzie if he had voted for Act-77. He immediately accused her of being a plant of the Dellicker campaign.

As president of the group, I stood up in quick in defense of my colleague. I stated that she was not a “Dellicker Plant,” that she was a board member of the group, and the question she had asked was from her and hers alone.

The next day, the Mackenzie Campaign sent out a message to his supporters. He began by saying, “He had a great time talking to the Patriots of the Constitution,” then continued to say, “The Kevin Dellicker supporters repeated all the same talking points from the Democrat-aligned Super PACs.”

I ask one thing, Ryan, what “talking points?” Act 77 was a piece of legislation that made mail-in ballots legal, and mail-in ballots were a huge contributing factor to election fraud. Your electorate has an issue with the stance you take on Act 77. Your position on the topic is worth reevaluating.

Nickolas Smith


Patriots of The Constitution