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Letter to the Editor: Trust your eyes and ears

Now that the appointed special counsel has made an assessment of Joe Biden, Democrats are trying to dispute his facts. Our eyes and ears have seen and heard what Mr. Hur has concluded to be true and Democrats continue to say don’t believe what you see and hear.

In 2020, the Democrats knew they had a flawed candidate, keeping him hidden, using COVID and keeping him out of the public view. We know why he’s been sequestered and kept away from cameras and conferences, even an appearance at the Super Bowl. Jill Biden, in particular, while being in his company every day, claimed he was competent and still to this day does and she most certainly knows his frailties.

The Democrat party could have avoided this whole messy situation the country is in today. They knew his background and his capabilities which has continued to get worse. Their lust for power has placed every American at risk with Joe Biden in command and every American is feeling the brunt of his terrible decisions.

Beverly Putt

Lehigh Township