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Op-ed column: Biden Administration making America weak

From Joe Biden’s self-induced crisis at our southern border to the repeated assault on American energy to foreign policy blunders, this Administration’s policies have been disastrous for our country.

It seems every decision coming from this White House from a national security standpoint and an economic standpoint makes the United States weaker and more vulnerable, both at home and abroad.

Even the latest LNG export “pause” is of great concern to our European Union allies who stopped purchasing natural gas from Russia at the start of the war and are now counting on the United States. They are rattled by this White House’s so-called pause.

We are allowing a record number of potential threats into our country at our southern border - including drugs, terrorists, human trafficking, and crime.

On top of the nearly 10 million persons here illegally who have crossed the border under Joe Biden’s watch, 361 of them were on the terror watch list. You want to know how many there were under the Trump Administration over a four-year period - just 11.

So why has there been a 3,000 percent increase in terrorists crossing our border? Because our enemies know they can exploit Joe Biden’s weakness and take advantage of the United States while he’s in office.

But the threats aren’t just coming from Central or South America anymore, or the Middle East for that matter. Now the threats are coming from all over the world.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) says they’ve encountered migrants from 120 different countries, which is deeply troubling given the geopolitical conflicts around the world.

Even 60 Minutes expressed concern that 37,000 Chinese nationals crossed the border illegally last year, 50 times more than just two years prior.

And what does the Biden White House propose to solve the crisis, symbolism over substance; a do-nothing, politically motivated bill that fails to include a reimplementation of the Trump Administration’s Remain in Mexico policy - per CBP, the most crucial piece to solving the border catastrophe.

If we don’t require migrants to claim asylum in the first safe country they enter, we will never solve this crisis. They will just keep coming illegally.

But the Biden Administration doesn’t seem to care about protecting American interests.

They’ve made that clear by failing to enforce the laws that exist, which the Trump White House used to secure the border.

From an economic standpoint, the Biden White House made a surprising and inexplicable decision to “pause” American LNG exports.

This misguided policy failure will only drive our allies into the arms of our adversaries overseas.

If our friends aren’t getting natural gas from us, they’ll be forced to get it from other countries, perhaps Iran or Russia.

This White House can be counted on for one thing - to blame others for the crises they create.

Harry Truman was known for the saying, which sat atop his desk, “The Buck Stops Here.”

The name placard sitting in this Oval Office though would appropriately read, “Pass The Buck.”

That’s why Republicans are taking decisive action to hold the Biden Administration accountable.

We impeached Secretary Mayorkas this week for his failure to enforce our border laws, a blatant dereliction of duty and violation of his oath of office that creates grave dangers for our country.

As well, this week, we passed the Unlocking our Domestic LNG Potential Act to repeal the ill-conceived, ideologically guided restrictions on the export of U.S. natural gas.

Republicans will continue to fight for American energy, American national security, and the American economy because this Administration simply will not.

Congressman Meuser represents Pa-09, which includes Schuylkill County.