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Carbon County Prothonotary report

The office of the Carbon County Prothonotary, Kayla M. Semmel, reports a break down of the office’s filings and revenue for the year of 2023.

The office processed over 4,000 new cases in the year 2023 and turned over $452,223.19 in various fees to the state and county.

It also provided 547 passport photos to the public and processed 649 new applications and renewal applications for passports.

In 2023, the courts introduced a new case management system as a result all docket entries are now entered through the Tyler Odyssey System.

“The demand on our office and the ratio of staff that we are allotted from our County Commissioners does not equate,” Semmel said. “Each year our caseload grows significantly. This office has been staffed with nearly the same number of employees for the past 30 years. Not only are we out of physical space for our filings but we may face a backlog in the future due to the growing case load and minimal help we are provided by the county.”

Despite the numerous challenges the office is currently facing Semmel said, “My goal as the prothonotary is and will always be to find approaches to generate the maximum amount of income for the county and while continuing to seek out options to save and not generate added costs to the taxpayers, while supporting the constituents and the courts with their day to day needs of the office. I am extremely blessed to have knowledgeable, dedicated staff that continue to meet the growing needs of the office. It has been an honor to serve the past four years and I look forward to the upcoming years in office, where I will continue to seek out ways to make the office more accessible to the public, attorneys and the courts.”

Financial Report for 2023

Total Income: $368,289.25

Prothonotary Fees: $285,827.38

Custody/Divorce Fees: $23,348.15

Data Processing Fees: $51,634.79

Interest Income: $1,677.08

PFA Surcharge Sheriff: $485.45

PFA Surcharge Courts: $400

Stenographer Fees: $4,916.40

In addition to the above fees:

Remitted to the County for the Remote Access Fund for Remote Access Fees: $24,850

Remitted to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (fees collected on new cases): $43,644.78

Automation Fund (Money collected on new cases for future automation and improvements to the office): $14,266.61

Sales Tax (Passport Photos): $478.15

AOPC: $694.40