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Warrant issued for JT man in senior rip-off

An arrest warrant has been issued for a Jim Thorpe man charged with exploiting an elderly woman.

According to the affidavit of probable cause filed by Detective David Roberts of the Franklin Township Police Department in the case against John Kaboly III.

On Jan. 20, Franklin Township police were contacted by a man regarding the suspected financial exploitation of his 78-year-old stepmother.

The man said that in October 2022 he was contacted by an attorney, who said his stepmother was now living in a nursing home in Berks County.

While caseworkers were attempting to arrange Medicare benefits for the woman, they had conducted a financial review, which showed Kaboly, 56, was power of attorney for the woman.

The woman told him Kaboly had befriended her while residing in the 1100 block of Indian Hill Road.

She had rented the property after having to move in with her sister in an adjacent property due to physical limitations.

The woman continued to decline physically to the point that she and her sister were admitted to a medical facility. The man said she designated Kaboly as power of attorney after he claimed it was needed so that the her sister’s body could be released for funeral arrangements after her passing.

The man said his stepmother said she was regretful of doing that as Kaboly has “made a mess of things,” and she was requesting her stepson’s assistance to help correct the problem. Since this time, a revocation of Kaboly’s power of attorney has been obtained, and the woman’s stepson has been named power of attorney.

Financial documents were provided by both the stepson and attorneys with the Stotler Hayes Group LLC, which was conducting the investigation for the victim to be covered under governmental assistance programs for housing and care at the living center in Berks County.

Kaboly met the woman and her sister after she had moved from the 1100 block of Indian Hill Road to the 1300 block of Indian Hill Road. She posted and seeking someone to assist them at their residence.

Checks were first written to Kaboly in October and December of 2020. The woman said that Kaboly would retrieve food orders and medicine from Walmart and other places for them, and that about once a week he would do the dishes when the sink was full, and not on a routine basis.

On April 28, 2021, the woman’s sister died. The woman was also hospitalized at the time. On April 29, 2021, the woman signed a power of attorney agreement naming Kaboly as her agent. The agreement appears to have been witnessed by “Michelle DeSousa, RN” and improperly notarized.

The woman said she believed she needed to do this so that her sister’s body could be released from the morgue.

Multiple insurance policies were redeemed and deposited into accounts of the victim, including a policy for over $59,176 on Sept. 14, 2021, as well as another policy in excess of $7,800.

These same accounts were used to make a number of purchases each month online for “Norton” and entertainment services such as Spotify, Netflix and Prime Video.” Purchases were made at eateries, gas stations, and other businesses. Pennsylvania Turnpike charges of several hundred dollars each month were logged for a vehicle Kaboly operated.

The woman is no longer able to drive and has very limited mobility as well as no knowledge of technology.

On Sept. 19, 2021, an invoice from Stanley Green’s Excavating & Landscaping identifies that a check written from the account of the victim was utilized to obtain a 600-square foot elevated sand mound for “John Kaboly” at Bear View Est. Lot 40 Quail Drive Penn Forest Township. This parcel is identified as belonging to Quail Management LLC, 1194 Indian Hill Road Lehighton. Quail Management LLC is a domestic limited liability company addressed to 725 First St., Palmerton.

A mobile home was purchased on March 31, 2022, to “John Kolby” for $13,030, with the delivery address as 40 Quail Drive, Jim Thorpe.

Kaboly issued a $500 check from his PNC Bank account dated March 31, 2022, with the remaining $12,530 paid with a PNC Bank check from the woman’s account. The document is signed by Kaboly, and was later revised, with the delivery address being revised to 1194 Indian Hill Road Lehighton. This time the document was signed by “John Kaboly III P.O.A.”

On Sept. 2, 2022, the woman was admitted to a care facility in Berks County. Between this date and Dec. 12, 2022, about $3,394 was spent from the account of the victim at various locations in the Lehigh Valley area. The power of attorney agreement was revoked on Jan. 16.

Police interviewed the woman who said she never gave permission, nor had knowledge about the septic system that was installed or the mobile home.

Kaboly is charged with four counts of forgery; two counts each of access device fraud; theft by deception; receiving stolen property; and one count each of financial exploitation of an older adult or care dependent-person and securing execution of documents by deception.

Anyone with additional information regarding the investigation or with knowledge of the whereabouts of Kaboly is asked to contact Franklin Township Police Department at 570-325-9111.