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Letter to the Editor: Stand up for all Americans

Seriously, can we just accept people for who they are. Many Americans want to rank people into a hierarchy by worth, especially those who have an obsession with gender and LGBQT rights.

The book “Gender Queer,” a memoir, was placed in various school libraries because it won two awards. The Stonewall Honor and Alex Award. The Library Journal called it “a great resource for those LGBTQ + folks.” As children become adults, life in the U.S. means living with many different types of people, ethnic groups and religions. And, because they are a minority, does not mean they deserve less humanity. They are valuable, they exist, they matter. And, who, pray tell ever thought of that idea.

Science is about understanding. The American Psychological Association is a good resource. Gender norms are established at a very early age. Medical professionals respect children, who are insistent, persistent, and consistent about who they are and who they are not.

By age 10 most children have seen hundreds of pornographic sexual images on the internet. Themes of rape, violence against women, and females being gagged. Those images frighten little girls and shape boys views on sex. That content is more emotionally harmful than those phony issues on grooming and LGBQT school books. Students have rights. Sheltered children can be stopped from checking out books their (out of touch, reference first 3 sentences) parents disapprove.

The sum and substance is, the extreme conservatives do not want to live in a pluralistic society. For decades Republicans co-opted the words “faith, family and freedom,” while rights (freedoms) were taken away and the humanity of Jesus is missing in their policies. Their animosity and resentment of others is cruel.

The LGBQT need to remember, conservatives are not morally superior, loftier or more worthy. Put an end to valuing their opinions. Draw strength from your social network and from those who demonstrate, knowledge, kindness and understanding. They will create space for you, but most of all will fight for your rights.

Debra Becker, (RN Ret.)