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Letter to the Editor: Fed up with what’s happening in Lansford

To the people of Lansford:

On the evening of Nov. 17, West Snyder Avenue in Lansford was invaded by several officers from the Pennsylvania State Police and local law enforcement officers. The street was closed, sirens were blaring, and the safety and security of residents of that area were under lockdown. Why?

The reason is directly related to the lack of appropriate management and concern by the many authorities responsible for the safety and security of Lansford’s citizens.

Gunshots rang through this supposedly peaceful community, a person was stabbed, luckily not fatally, and the neighbors are now left with a feeling of concern, fear, and uncertainty about their lives.

Does someone have to be killed because the powers that be are unwilling or unable to take their oath of office seriously enough to know that danger exists when criminals are allowed to rent properties - just to enrich a landlord’s pockets?

A problem exists when tenants are not appropriately vetted, when criminal behavior is allowed to fester, and when no one is held accountable.

The problem is well known throughout the town. There are landlords who are not held responsible for their tenants’ behavior, the issues are forwarded to the Code Enforcement officer, even when there is none, and long term citizens are forced to defend themselves without assistance from appropriate authorities.

My mother’s house has been victimized by neighbors. I have attended meetings and spoken to council to no avail. A hole has been punched through the wall (no compensation from the landlord). the porch door was crashed, we have been called inappropriate names, and nothing happens.

I have made calls to everyone in authority, I have attended meetings, I have tried to speak respectfully to the parties involved, to no avail!

Enough, enough, enough!

Will someone do something before lives are lost! Lansford deserves better!

Thanks for listening.

Mrs. Rita Klekamp, (nee Krajcirik)