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Letter to the Editor: True conservative leaders should not compromise

It came as no surprise that many conservative politicians lost in the recent elections in Virginia and Ohio.

Hoping to win a majority of Republican candidates, Gov. Youngkin’s dream of making Virginia a conservative haven fizzled out with a Democratic sweep.

Of course, the main issue the Democrats used to rally their fanatical fringe was abortion rights.

Gov. Youngkin’s ploy to attract Democratic voters by compromising with a 15-week limit on abortion was totally rejected.

In reality, conservative leaders who compromise on abortion are pro-abortion; abortion is abortion whether it’s performed before 15 weeks or before 9 months.

Sadly, many admired conservative leaders, like Youngkin and Trump, compromise with evil. They accept a little evil to hopefully gain; their strategy fails because total fidelity to God’s moral laws is not in the equation.

The Conservative Party needs leaders who do not compromise, leaders who govern in observance of God’s natural and moral laws. Please take note of the Ohio elections results; now their state constitution gives the right for women to abort their child up until birth.

The radical left does not compromise. I recently saw a banner carried by a radical pro-abortion woman that stated, “I would rather be a murderer than a mother.”

Justifiably, there are consequences for conservative leaders that compromise the moral laws; “Because thou art lukewarm, neither cold nor hot, I will vomit thee out of my mouth.” (Revelation 3:16)

The dilemma is there are no true conservative leaders on the horizon, so conservatives must continue to choose the better of the two accommodating candidates to keep the radical left at bay; thus restricting the abundant graces and admiration necessary from God to fully heal our nation.

Walter Camier

Hazle Township