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Students of the month

The Panther Valley Elementary School announced its Students of the Month and Cool Cats of the Month for September.

Students of the Month

These students showed excellence in academics, and demonstrated their best effort in English language arts and math, had excellent attendance, and followed behavior expectations.

Kindergarten: Chloe Quinn, Owen Lynn, Melody Rodriguez, Lachlan McCormick, Ethan Miller and Nickolaus Creveling.

1st Grade: Mia Cervantes, Thaddeus Correa, Arya Boyle, Cristian Castro, Zander Stefanick and Layla Sterling,

2nd Grade: Layla Sterling, Jovie Yusella, Theodore Hower, Angelo Marvelli, Abel Medina, Bentlee Filer and Leah Heffelfinger.

3rd Grade: Rylan Bermudez, Nevan Behler, Gemma Skripnek, Brooklynn Demyanovich, Jason Porreca, Serenity Falu and Rebekah Benack

Cool Cats of the Month

These students demonstrated excellence in behavior in the month and showed what it means to be safe, be here, and be kind at all times.

Kindergarten: Leah Chew, Cory Nealis Jr., Declan Kilpatrick, Icelyn Machay and Aubrianna Rivera.

1st Grade: Sihana Gjoca, Kristopher Gosley-Walton, Skyler Fisher, Annalee Chambers, Cory Dzienis and Charles Imossi.

2nd Grade: Azalea Evans, Paisley Moyer, Faith Boylan, Evan Laugier, Kristopher Michell and Michaela Gonzalez.

3rd Grade: Braelyn Bynon, Ava Naravas, Devin Gable, Olivia Stales, Kahlea Colon, Serenity Falu and Dillon Baker.